#ParentingForReal: The Kid-Blurt Edition

Thursday, October 26th

These parents were horrified after their kid blurted out the WORST possible thing in public. 

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. And sinful. Early on yeah yeah do we celebrate them Messi is Samantha Barrett senior fellow at least perfect moments while raising kids because you weren't. Want to study and now those are the best and funniest moment so we wanna hear your stories today for a four G 63094. Line. Did you see some lines Janice already laid out that this is a apparently an epidemic. And your kids saying something in public she's completely embarrass you yeah we'll call it child blurs things. Like fast I I was sharing a storage and yesterday about a young man who had to go into the restroom when his mom. He was at that age where he he couldn't stay inside. Or outside the door and I. Yeah so. You have to make them go in with you get a handle this feeling that terms as soon they went in today that they group women's Rehman and while she was handling her business and in the Stahl that he was and I went with her. He asked her why he she was on them amounts out of her but. Other people heard him say that and then my two solid that was seemingly an FT cells found mom heard another child. Ask her mom why a woman would have 1000. Feet. It's also a thorough Ford she's 630941. I have one of these children Angel being Jasper. I made it. How old how old was always the little jerk. I asked as sick she went about the old. And it went right our first. Date would my new boyfriend he did meaning may everything that school. Fortunately at all. 1 and I am. Now rabbinate paper towel I go to you. Can't tell the jury decides to end up in the middle of their beloved. Restaurant it acts. Any open and you forgot your. Eat fast. I hope they meant embarrassing moment of my life. Is. Well first state ever sermons are secondary. Yet did you may actually we are and where they call an add on that says some heat loud yet. They'll it would. Boats. Is it just that he gave prime examples he knew and yeah you Intel percentage gen. I was on aren't sorry okay. Since the last shout out into the art tablet look and Gerald pushed and you know when you're in public and you think about it you don't wanna act gash. And so much according bubbling battling an outlet on my god it's on the weather got a going to be silent we can hear it. I didn't think about that deadly part such. Yeah I I want more I mean how different Fred. We are so inclined and everybody college golf and it's. It and our eternal right. Hung. I'm married I'm Barry and big guest nodded in silent but the kid was not indicated deadly it would be getting. As staggered and James for dale thinks he's Jack Lawrence Larry branch. OK so I am a veterinarian and sometimes I have to let me hear emergency surgery what ever. And I had only 1 evening I'd. There leaked just turned four year old daughter would mean it is detection ought to talk as she learned that that problem we are born in action such. Well we were in line in that cannot park when I'm few weeks after. That every woman. And after they were gonna cut her baby. There are. Cynical and I I had it over Intel letter seen by adding he act talk you out of it's funny I got a daughter works story can work with. Did he danced like a little kid walking out here in line and apart insane. Thank you touch your baby out. Double horror film is made out. I. But like did you say on my line that so lean and Lawrence in LA. Try until we're a public georgians want you're my idol AM then my daughter she she didn't play you know she's a little bit. I'm attempts he's actually the move comes old sat. I'll show and then his total moon. English. Who can't die and I'm sure. She knows what. Insurance and they went into the maybe yeah sometimes he has and CNN first since I'd outrun rumors swirled for T 63094. Line. We'll get a few more on these great stories on hold and enraged chain smokers. Have and again. Get your story up next. Star in 941. Is the most embarrassing. Moments of parenting are actually the funny as we tell. As bad parenting hurry on this morning we wanna know the craziest or most embarrassing thing your kid Emerson. I Simone. Me. Now. So. Age it's got my kids at outlets in math. I keep our topic that the military being sent to go to Garland initiative very cute drag on well I didn't let it pretty bad and my mom stole it from our. I. So do you think not me then mama really shoplift did or do you think bad sidekick gave these. Not understanding. In like this was a steal or I'd still like it was a thirty yard drive parents and she had eight box. Get back to back the mom glad that they can never came back. And while she's Joplin today. I hope gelding inventory re after she left. Us. Who which which little one of yours it and guess and Lauren a she yes our oldest are four year old when she was about three and a half we worry in them pretty section of the Hershey store and we are picking up pairs and I was I trying to involve in the process leg. Into got the right ones issues like. Connie these are really good they make it yeah. Oklahomans for other people have left in them and they do. They help you and your sister. And on town hall produced action that that thanks honey I think. I think acute I think that okay Jan Ashley tell I made a joke as I am overdose and she's the other day and I was worried about that means somebody agents and the teachers and vanished into some. My parents I. Amount hairs. Bad kids better than Roswell. I have my daughter read about forty and we went to dinner at our market and sat yeah I had I looked at either end which is combat over our had a chance to say a word. She looks out and out I want French right and at beer. That is insane and I aged. Around that scratched up and I honestly don't know I had been marred bearish start crowd. So. I would I was for real and academy proudly bands that have been an education handlers though. I might try and yet selected time by his father relevant to their but it bothered by each. And as we're walking down maturity down Matt walking schoolteacher randomly calling out a bunch of Conti and I eat my daddy. Oh yeah I. Good looking aliens. And. Don't borrow someone's kid did you that I. They're walking up and down the street which Natalie point eight guy's gonna are you my daddy and why they're hey I know that the vast. Saying thank you Shea. All will post this on pace for a great is that I. Our staff again her breaks out what what do we decide to Collins and definitely keep this going incident the most embarrassing thing your crazy thing your kids seven pop back. The hash tag parenting for real big mouth little toddler brand addition. The idea you felt that the kid blurt the kid blurt addition. All local share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.