#ParentingForReal: Vacation Edition

Tuesday, July 11th

Jenn had a #ParentingForReal moment last week on vacation ended with a run-in with the Police!

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For making this list and Jeff. It's a vacation edition of hash tag at parenting Korea. I have got two stories for you guys just pick which one you want to say right when I straight out you Y my kids gave me a run in with. And why I. I Joseph home with something in a happy meal box. And the second one is. Let me me screaming I curse word in front of a gathering of kids and parents. And none of the parents from out of me for. I think I am going to vote for our. The cops want coach I can console though can you tell us the so the. Hi Jan let's hear why pay your. Toddler's hands they're toddlers now I guess that I guess you are run in with a lull around. God this is test experiencing drill I love to hear your stories you for a voice C 68. 0941 and the vacation addition. Any travel with kids only do anything crazy and like I. Out of the normal routine stuff is just gonna happen of course. So I did take in our girls see the aquarium is we just a Cason and had a great time in Georgia aquarium. And of course to keep them entertained. They were mad that we can go to the dolphin show we I didn't really time that I ain't got Darcy late. So I gave them a bunch of key days and shoreline that's what else can I do to keep quiet Jane Taylor made sure so sure Hamas. A little bit and we cruised around the I was there about myself and my husband was working and so. I couldn't feed him reel sued the pig heads. I sits next factor of me I was given a lot snacks and some candy because. When he got a double stroller and two toddlers who is gonna push the stroller and carrying a tray of food like turner who people to do that right so we didn't get actual lunch as discontent among snacks. That was my first sick. Because then on the way home. I am on interstate cruising along and our little one Greece fell asleep on the way so she's totally crashed out in the RC great. And that's when our four year old says mommy I'm gonna go to the bathroom. I'm like well hole and are on sale. And there's nothing I can you know how many and I can get it she's like. Mommy I really got to go and I'm like okay we're gonna become in ten minutes can you hold it can you hold it and she's like. No I mean I really gotta go so we get us CNN's it. This is an honest question from a non parents to kids have a concept of time like that. Later she know when ten minutes means only about four they'll attempt all of that I didn't know virulent dogs again you leave Madonna. He's happy to be out of the house for fifteen minutes out of the house for four hours you don't let. Powell. So we get you to say and where actor red light and I and we were immediate club all summer house I'm like can you think at all. And she's making those noises like. 08 alone I don't know. And I might be sure they sure every shirt that I really really got to go Hinson the next NYC goes. I know mom. OK so I literally whirling in two. What is I am not even survey I'm guessing a business parking lot somebody is backing out of the bargain I wore it and. Again the other one sound asleep in our I'm by myself gaffe. So I get out of the car and we go to the grass Apache grassy area in their parking lot and a blue and she destroyed it. But not her own clothes and not tired so there was beating then number ten number two that was not solid. Indeed. Grassy Knoll. And Angola and yeah so I'm I'm holding her in here game that we like to call toddler area. That image and Zaire or. Skidded to obviate it was totally my fault. But we there's no way we would have made it inside so we literally I Wear a Lynn Sweet are their that happened in the grass. And that then I'm like OK now what are you picking up in the bag do you Darius that would media. Well that's win a police officer comes out and. I'm may. Do you year there's some. Imagine the inside the building. And I said well I'm asserts that I wish I would have had that option. I'm by myself I got another one sleeping in the car and this is an emergency situation he's led. Oh OK because one of the managers called. For backup because they weren't sure what was going on out here so close I. I had no. Options and he flags. I understand so I just believe when he came over I had gotten some napkins out of the glove compartment and maybe we don't need to hit the right that's Aden and I was like. I was like I just I just don't know how to clean it up I was I don't. She bags are garbage bags and leaving him so I'm sure it's duke or don't have the station's yeah yes. I got you covered here as I've got three kids and I totally understand I'm sorry for approaching you like that is that I didn't realize you had another one sleeping in the back. No problem he does his squad car and comes in brings some Wal-Mart plastic bags on so at that point I'm driving home with. Well we've just seems. In bigger shoe bag and a happy mailbox all the way to my house how is your day. Fast and panting from real you think Graham are both riding with proofing your car with him like oh we can't be taught my god that's. Aides have Ernie is fighting with the Reese's samples like two weeks. There's a lot of you out there and dirty yeah. That's terrible lie. How can you remember what determined that nice pleas and answers from. So thankful he has three kids. Big gap being SanDisk. As saying good parenting for real you wanna share your stories you can do it this. FaceBook dot com slash Jensen James channel. All learn and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.