Pokemon GO Support Group

Wednesday, July 13th


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Thanks for being a part of it. Job so I know people want to. Here's a woman who didn't want. You're really understand a Pokemon or. The mediation. To YouTube and Cathy she works and is in a store. A lot of people were coming in this store to capture of poking around since she downloaded the app. Because she kind of she captured the in then they wouldn't be there for other people look at it okay. We take a little hard edged old ones. And it. It. Ain't. Original to poke and all. That comes. It would. It. Not wanting to. Do battle and I'll play. They're at it. I. Now. Know. Not so much of 27 years old. I think we have to start this now. Amber Harriet. Our amber and elects that you guys will be out first which is exactly what is this like a support group don't you have to admit your name yeah that's residents say your addiction attack we have to start is by a you saying. My name is Alexis. And I am addicted to the argument and that waltzing pilots in the you'd tell us what you know and yet trouble so you have gophers. Yes my name's Alex and I am addicted to that human I access. If today got a text from my general manager at me guns in screen shot from custom ring. He was angry about this analyst but he just can't mention that I had my mind and long while delivering this image. Do like that's not good for the image. Of those clean as how to open you know it's blocking on that thing in my hands again that's playing. And it's not like I was asleep looking my own hand in this in teaching right. Communicated it and I just had in mind and effect did you capture any effect little things on his porch or distract. New moon. Would you have asked if there is a rare Pokemon in side gymnastic on this house. Maybe I'm I'm I am very Euronext. All amber. At Oakmont and I am. I'm. Late. And head. And say oh wait here. Look what it. She. He wanted. At. Are wrong. One way street. And you. You MacArthur Barry and I. Relationship now here's another one this is Shannon in Dallas. I'm where I can agree Chan in this waving his his neighbor is actually the one in the front and packaging and Shannon tells about the pokey man drama in your world. You don't power. My yeah who is too beautiful views and will require lifelong friend of mine. Lately since and could not meet him. My roommate will go travel around downtown Dallas. I'll be the designated driver or at Oakmont and lately. The case. Intelligence doesn't list those lines and we will be out all hours of night. Welcome home start arguing at one point news. This kid to them down to Marion square. Or around the square. Miles on the books of. It's keeps on human driver it's either Clemens and running yet pretty much. Room well. What matters (%expletive) when your hard drive him what's the longest. Adventure the guys. While last night. Well. Let's say we let me. For. Them. What's it been. As well. We'll show. Like twenty people because we've known them to balance on the street. I have to create more. Ended. All right Chad Elliott let me ask you questions about that. So when you're out from from benign if you have when you see ever sat around you you in the admitted for a Ameren are you passing certain pokey stuff like that. Ali we've elated absolutely. Ellis library. Has to refocus steps at a and speed and we didn't get information people where both steps are out for a better. My roommate friend markers and all right around. And it's insanity we were here. They have designated to share when you look at your life right now what if I become what. I don't know. I work from home and I have so much time in my hands. I get welcome. I can't review of the for for Vegas fire. Might. And after 4047419400. We will take more of your phone now. Pokey ago addiction we hear your support group we will help you through it well hope you feel comforted numbers. 40474. Alignment before you use your phone for something else. And Paula. Jump start. More or.