Pregnancy Test Dumpster Fire Update

Monday, May 8th

Did Elizabeth go through with it?

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All right now before one okay. Terna Nande. And Jesse James Jones all net. Don't. Kelly you missed this time Friday bride you know most of our dumpster fires in and night. Outside aid to people. Telling us what's going to happen and they're going to be in the midst of an. Think the guy who is gonna propose in a wedding. This is another wedding guest re right. Elizabeth story a little bit difference we haven't heard yet from the arsonists. Yet students he was the line. Lighting the fire. Though she's been dating a guy casually for about three months sometimes I've. Hands on her sister has been blessed with a B. He's so I just found out she's pregnant Sosa has the positive pregnancy tests. Elizabeth I asked her sister to provide her the positive pregnancy test so Elizabeth can play a prank. On her four different terrible idea. Her sister her brilliant woman said I'll give you said positive pregnancy test is long as you tell Jeff and Jan that you're doing a dumpster find wonderful idea yet. Greg asked. So. Elizabeth got hammered on Fred nobody wanted to do it. And gain and then they try to get better and then calls started coming in from people going well I did this to my boyfriend and we actually ended up getting married. Gold is it yeah as we took Obama also be available pulled off pregnancy pranks. So that's how we left it without what they gonna beat the heat what she thought it was going to be funny how will have a good sense of humor about it and be funny. You can't have fun on an urge to. Elizabeth welcome back to the Japanese and show Dario. I'm Daryn good thank you say I were good we're very excited to hear how your little joke any joke joke went. I usually tell by the tone of voice and I can't tell yet if he did it. It went well if you went horribly wrong did you towards that dumpster on fire one. OK so. I actually get it right away like I did on break Barack bottom. Why through how it went well now it's you go over to his house did he come over to your words. Just good. Britain has split is a tank yeah I remembered in his place down on. And I. I say I told them arms and it's how exactly you tell. I guess our home I agents let you know like Shirley. From my got a talked about before we have got to go out that by the end time I was are denying missile pre. Oh yeah exercises like before you know I Bear's arm. Yet there's something to tell your parents you know Jewish got broken a little quiet Nolan any such soul. I hate it I knew it was like China can come you know I am pregnant. Then his. I had to guess there are my sister both thrilled after she really counted on the air and try to Dayton and out and. So he used to. You just kind of quiet for a little bit. Annan I parent out there you don't end here that we're okay role. And we had to get going to party would like I gotta go take a shower. I'm. So honored argue that Aaron Brooks Robert Kennedy's current state of affordability. And so I kind of what expecting a little bit more NBC's Terry garlic OK silly like duty order to get married. I replied I don't believe in guilt and the whole plan doing little to find out what you wanted. And he is simple. I mean I work like you are talking about saving up for a agreeing intended to click at least eight years should be after the baby was formed by. Like he was straight up ready to just go the traditional practically or generally can I mean also you know for races yet married. Did he banked jump up and hug you or learn a lowest a look at the space probably there's someone in mind right now. I. I would just he would real home. Bitch I would acts that occur that surprised me a little bit like humans he EU mission plates. Clerk he wouldn't excited at first say that you says. Very methodical. I guess about how what is to Christina. With everything is just you know OK so you know here's. You do it could really like OK see you wanna go to traditional route then that you desperately needed either exact extent. I have to take a shower. So what a how long did you stretch this out for. Well the thing is like please you're going that's pretty got a lot of friends there and I plan on drinking I don't. That night so I think I had that Kelly let them know but it with a joke. Before we went to a party. Is my an emotional roller goes your putting him on and so how much time passed you. Well I'll be. Mean you were you telling him that year. Men and pregnant lying to him about being pregnant and telling him the truth. I he went upstairs surging late Gingrich stepped in and shower in that I. I assume protectionist just from my friends are going to the party like a drug and I knocked up are okay trying to catch car parked around. Interview that shower actually. When I told the note that joke. And what and how did he respond to being a joke. She wanted to see do. We don't break out I'm so that's good news. You don't really think it's funny. We can get it at first it's lake oh. So you're not pregnant and I honestly no knowledge or risk from my wrist had determined to really get this thing and I explained their about. You know like all of bitten by each unit had everything in thanking you what they're really like. Matt he's as a poll. Okay. See your ear cup pregnant then probably known this or we're not getting married that irons that's that's not it'll just keep data Cutler. Found great. Only got the most mellow guy on the ball. I. It may did you guys go to the party and get drunk his plans. Yeah I did great we had a great time did you tell anyone at the party about your joke. I told cook all my girlfriends. I don't think he validity of his friends now probably now I'm now at any point in either of you laugh like it was actually as. Bracket you know makes a joke and joke. It's funny when it's on my path and did anybody wild. My sister did I've Poulter actually where you're at eight man. Hi I'm Elizabeth I've silly gives me doubt in my had to check Elizabeth's boyfriend pulls because he might not be alive like how. Angry as he does get angry that yeah. Some guys are just so stoic you can never quite figure out what's going on underneath graphic what their thoughts are and what their emotions are over the news. Really good poker players. I would be the best poker player you are maybe she put an end I'm very awkward situation like ham pregnant. And they want to tell him that she's joking and his most vulnerable time of the day Haley is. Meg hitting. How. They may have been wash yourself off so when he jumped out the window the firefighters outside nobody wanted our clean. Off all right Elizabeth that thanks for sharing the story minutes. OK they are ready update. Treasure. Amy and Auburn is gonna say when I think everybody is thinking hi Amy. Sky and the English. I think she is the most horrible person that has ever been on your show ever. All fall. And then this statement that is saying a lot because we events moral people on the show. I well. I know there without one might but it. Yeah yeah she's she's she's up there. I don't understand. Why anyone would think somebody that they love it would locate it repair lotion like that. She's the best thing is like a did you hear on Friday aiming. Right she didn't like it didn't I don't think it registered with her that he made it. Have an emotion associated with it that makes an. That's the problem right any if you love somebody. You always consider how they're going to deal about something you get. Right. Yes she didn't. She didn't think about that at all she does it would all our arsenal discreetly and that it just be straight up artists enclave and see how you feel about me. What kind of basis is that for her relationship and the future. Yes and that's part guy and a showers hard to sit now like her standing there going oh my gosh. I got all these things and think about because you do that in the shower right. Roche and now how much. Hey Kathy that only explanation bench and act saying that the app probably hasn't had many girlfriend. Deanna could Cutler early in our relationship they eat normally can not get too may be right. And eat and I get along with who let that are seen as. Asked if he had that not an agent fading in the back and the animal he tried normal we're just drop it's ridiculous Sammy register. Believe get out of here while the PD that. Brick your sane I keep prying out kicks his coverage by dating her so he's gonna put up with that. See how we not had many girl as ever and our district has our stroke low end. And some I hated it and send you will and it went up a planet are. It. Fat pinkie broke and I am I in Duluth. Welcome to the death. Yeah. I un bury me yet but in that. A lot of you're not going to have a boy trainer it in the next couple weeks. You know party and it teller craving out it only get bored as I know on. I actually thought about that if he'd spells. One of his guy friends right Ali yeah many towels are here if he's just a guy who just processes things. If you tells anybody know where her his parents a brother anybody in his life right below. The apparent bad iron. You know and I know you tell they're there and then. He will never heard it read into that and he does I actually marry her so you don't joke about pregnant. Or not. If he's a guy who just processes things like he's like. Okay just the next step that extent. Like to cam life is just assembling an IKEA bookshelf. Yeah I mean like that one in the little cartoon guy puts the show Aaron stepped to tighten it up step three. And that's just how uprisings until somebody comes along and says dude that's an ugly bookshelf Benny Sims back dues yet and like yeah get rid of it. That Sheikh immediately bookshelf yum sand does that make sense. They then and I thank you and I elation in the best of luck. And yeah I ask you guys thank you tab Deanna. You might take him a couple of more days to really process what she did. As byte at inch shot to get the news he's in the shower he's trying to use you know okay how early do the right thing my life is going to be. A complete 180 from where I thought my life was going in he's. And then chooses joke and music okay wait your turn comes wanted to the other direction and now a couple they literate sinking and just how rude that. I can just be a really simple do it isn't that much about anything unique event and the Sharon on the first. Then cabs to silence. But John. TomTom. Maine to see. Back bits a double B the pits 'cause he sweated and no forget to shampoo. Huh hah call or per plus. Yeah she just gave him a peek behind the curtain and crazy and I live cameras Asia's containing. Right now go to our FaceBook page and you can you can weigh in on whether or not you think Elizabeth and every day get his name that could guy world or make it dude. Dude. Cool I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.