The Radio Rhyming Game

Friday, May 5th

Jenn's just too good! Will she keep her title? This time she's up against JP and Jeannine

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All right now before one okay. Turn it up. And Justin Jan show all the net. I'm here to second and see if this is the Wii video undefeated gen Abbe good standard. I will compete for you we have shaky needs to get up and. Grabs here agony in Norcross would love to spend some time a shaky beats this weekend Nate who is playing on your behalf. Jim Zogby you climbed about error. I think she if you don't know how this game warrants are all basically. I give the word out and then I give a dozen clues. And you have to. Figure out what word brands of the work that I get out right that matches the clue Jen thinks she's in a big advantage. Because she reads kids' books every night yeah we have still here with two toddlers every night so I'm doctor Susan asked. So I. Us the nets and it starts right I'd so. Meant. Hinds Janet is undefeated in this game and is playing on behalf of Nate right now okay designates. Contestant averages a league show who would you like to play on your behalf of the Asia. Lol Jen means she and I think it's somebody's going to be and it's going to be joining. OK Smart. Read is there a parallel Asia and then tracing Covington that means you get first time participant. JT as you are playing out. Tracy there. Gee sounds kind of. I'm. Crazy I'm. But the last picked in gym class find bring home for you today. And it yeah better than short shorts and headband. I. Tracy hold and it will lead Geneen Amgen. To reach treats as a soundproof Booth here at in and city at egg. And blood pressure. Pressure I JP is never played the game before. But it is so so simple I'd. Is there words. We're looking today. KP. Four words and manners and good in my own and all the celebrations they're gonna stars as soon. As the Mexican restaurants opened for the day and we're looking for words. That Ryan. We didn't run. I would play on words at that Ryan met withdrawn sixty seconds on the clock. Your goals to get as many of the twelve as possible in the sixty seconds and if you get out twelve. Dude as fast as possible. Are you ready Friday night JB sixty seconds on the clock. Or starts rate after your first clue. Which is an audio clue into words that rhyme with drunk I. Why it Jenn hobby hate us. Owners spend their days just being silenced. Gloomy day news got you in a bomb. Thank you little critters don't you. Your bag and college. Yeah. Hot saying only that don't have a man. The Titanic sunk. Gold pieces something. When you turned down for one. And album where you plug your job. Richard Dawkins yeah. That performance seven you've got seventy. Who who's coming and I see Energen IG general and Tracy said Ben and it while. He started out rough he started out really rough I. All on the line and a leash just say hi did you need. Yes I deletion and you need you need to be seven OO OJ. He has sent an Andy you're looking for. Jeanne words that rhyme with drew round. So go to my right tequila. A reason to drink can kill except for you Jeanie does not do well with no I don't really do all of alcohol and minerals so heirs of these are words. Ryan withdrawn your first clue as an audience you ready. What Jenna Heidi hate us. And that. We spend their days just being silent. Gloomy day his statue in a month. You know predators. You're batting college yeah. Hot sand them down at man bit. The Titanic. A big old piece of something. Talking. When you turned out for well. And where you put your junk. Chunks. Funny stuff that happened to the kids chunk. Gomez Gomez and Gomez who once you miss it is Hudson and the doughnut ban. Yeah Glenn hurt them. When you turned down for life. You still Vijay pre nine. So. I know that those Tracy. Mad I'm so sorry for us and we Israel and instead he's he's three on the most sorry sorry. Any. And a person and a good. Lisa you're still in the running Jen how did you send waves next good luck up and NHL all star for our. I made that moment is here this. I know I'm no waited for when it let's do it didn't check bags are undefeated and Ryan time. And I know a lot of friends who got this thanks JJJ he needs to say again may. I've been I've heard cigarette before it left Rick you were good effort and today and resonate. How do they get these tickets up for grabs are. Shaky beats tickets. I mean do I see that change program. Chain's revenue isn't shaken me. Maids. If anything you. I know these word strengths and Kay writes a leash in Carter's goes on to shake babies'. If you do not get an of these trades she's. Mini game we're trying times for instance you can think of words that rhyme with the words. Toronto. OK so get in my own time right image can react today tequila margaritas says hey you think oh all right so. He voted for it drowned words that rhyme with drunk quick reminder. Yet birds they can win fifteen minutes in this into the Jeff mentioned. The first clues and audio clue. Huge and how do you hate that look. John. He's they spend most of their days just being silence. Don't. Ask a gloomy days catch you. In a funk. You little critters that doesn't. You're bad in college. Pass Potsdam that don't abandon. You. Contact. The Titanic. Sons. A big old he says some things. When you turned down for what. Where you put your job. Trying to. Funny. And his name beat me. How we show. Mobile hanging. Congratulations. My friend. A roll today. Saying today and personally I'm still mad because as soon as the microphones one off my first round I knew what I was punk. The Ramones punk rock. Uncle is rom that is the first music we're making an amendment. I guess I do fifth. Lives so let's run down Aman there's real quickly the first one was this audio clue. Episode ahead. A hunk what a hobby hates John Q. Spent there is being silent monthly gloomy day has got you in a phone sticky little critter a skunk your betting college bunk. There wasn't a bomb. I have I take issue with that clue how to bunk bed little kids sleep in May. Prompt. She would back Clinton finds time pats him down a man is a hug in the Titanic saga made a visa something jog when you turned down for what trunk. Briefly adjourned in the trunk honey some bad and indicates strong guy data we shall have initiated the guy. Yeah I do have a good time. Congratulations gene and then you know what this means taking the throne and that means you're never winning again. This means we have. All learn and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.