Rhyme Time: Can You Beat Producer Jeannine?

Tuesday, March 13th

Words that rhyme with friend...It's harder than you think!

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Star in 941. Katie and Mary at a welcome to the show and Ariel. A morning guy that's awesome are you health. We are great the question is as we and earrings and there's a round of rhyme time early and it Tuesday morning do you want to fame to free herself. Would you like to have JPG named Kelly g.s or gen plan your behalf. Oh. Yeah I mean I lagged Katie. CES two daughters. The rankings O Craig dig to get story time every night and there's a lot of let's simple rhyming words so it's a good pick hold on KD. Keep up my sister in May read out. I leaned in Carter's well welcome to the show goal. Rhyme time you'll be taking I'm Katie slash Jenn hobby. Questions for you is who would you like to plan your behalf or would you like to fend for yourself. Gin and had to print ads hit. Eight and a bigger battle of the crying Satan. Comes up from below is clip. I Lynn gives them encouraging words here enrolled Judy. And yeah I can't. King and stadium Marietta and urging urged to Jenn hobby. I'm on mamma you little kids to know that you've McCain did fear gone. I'd. And you're picked first by Katie so. Would you like to go first or seconds. Mullah. I think I am going to let Geneen go farce all right step out of the room goes over you can't hear. And the way rhyme time works is we put sixty seconds on the clock. Hands the job of the player is who correctly identify. All of these words. That reinmuth. With the word. Friend. Friends these are all words that rhyme with the word. Frank JP can you got to keep score. Yes ran the numbers and where you just counting them. I'd I'd Jenny sixty seconds on the clock it starts rate after I read your first clue. Words that rhyme with brands include number one and it's how I know you make a smooth the Atlantic. The love you take is equal to eleven you may. They'll love you test. It's just again. You and pat pat loan. Lend it. Fix a broken Heinz. Adele watch you do this with her love to her new lover. Send. Do this for their time wisely. Spend. When it's popular on Twitter. Trend. To fix the constitution. Meant meant. To protect. It took that out of house passed a diaper for a ground up depends half half. To go down. And friends. And I don't. Jaffe is get it doing. Not bad gene means so so hard and here is marry her one announcing 345 C disseminate you have made a date means. We'll. Do it comes to handling it wasn't bad why. What could have been worse he kind of idea has yeah Haley promised likely shining moment she got aids. I Katie yeah. Kate in Marietta Generali has to do it nine or better to win are able geez that's. How I Jen you are looking for words. That Ryan with the word and friend's. Friend's words that Ron aim with friends okay where his friend to get inspired from. All of view haul. And. As Moody's. A came word that rhymes with friends that your clock starts after I read the first group are you ready Jenn hobby and I think so I'm Katie yes how to make a smooth the they'll love you take is equal to have a love you make. Trend. I love you take. Past hurts my heart who a loan. To fix a broken heart. Men. Adele once you do this with her love to her new lover at the end. Do this week your time about why easily. Spend. When it's popular on Twitter. Trend. To fix the constitution. Amendment amendment. Tear a textbook. To protect. Rule. Passed a diaper for a grown ups depend. That's you go down it. I've seconds passed Jeff is good at doing this to. People. 1234567. Lane into. On his way and I. Home. And Marietta is sorry they're sorry Katie Jim laid out. On the I didn't know what's good round. He's saying. Yeah. And there's no leverage your take is that you make it's the last line of the rain has Eagles on the all time the and the and OK and then that alone is lanes. It's the only one I got to for tags. A little low lying island to lend. He says alone like a LO and. That I was going lonely let my is that making excuses Katie doesn't care all I'm Katie would give him right. I am yeah smiling he's Lian Carter's oh congratulations. Geneen pull it out where and how I can get the things that they went. He did dismiss the first front. I detained a neighbor from Arabs to send it to go down and Jeff is good at doing this to people offends. Detectives to defense. Think part of what is she. And quite a hundred bucks at dinner affair and they will deliver rate your house aim of those I you really great job of making dinner super easy and the super mindless way and it's super delicious that. I congratulations when sorry Katie did you object. I have visited and zags and it is for making this wedge to the chest congestion. One star not before one and.