Ruin a First Date in 4 Words

Tuesday, June 7th


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Jeffrey didn't show show show Vizio. Conversation I had 404741. Now before hundreds on the sign any moral law. Want to get married. On the first day let's have a baby. Prison wasn't that bad. Says simple idea really for words to ruin our first date. And there are so many combinations that are so delightfully funny. I've got a couple for example it will slow this morning DT actually we let them say OK I love crossed it. Krakow with bad thing that you by the way if I mean. If you've made it to the actual date you arena they lacrosse. Yeah right there they texted you about an hour that it had about an eight year be different than they think yeah. Four words are ruined a first date. I only stripped once. That's and for good. Yeah okay that I had to work around we got Maria you got any abouts I live with mom. And bad about that don't ruin anything offensive surveys are Lyndon B of credit. Forwards to ruin a first state. Where pray. I. Lorie and Atlanta what he had. An. Eye at all. Especially if you like an outback. Right arm on. 404741. And 9400. I I posted this on line yet shade of lord that people that loose with a shared Jenner somewhat funny in leaner and right up my water just broke up a fifth. I'd look them look at this rash. That's one the folks on on FaceBook actually put some real ones slates at this this really happened to me. You better kiss me. You know. If you isolate on me saying all these things and so creeping. When the trash you better punishment fits the fifth these are all really said an actual first days per states I need alone. I need a law Conan that's called my mother. Can you buy you dinner. Can you buy dinner when it was India. Is that my life. Want to smoke weed he thought came out about her taste for 047419408. Molly in Atlanta we have. Yeah that they cut back and that the Hillary that I think we'll take more of your phone calls here and it just you know at 404741. 9400 is the easiest. Things for you to participate in ever on the radio just for her words to ruin. A first date Suzie Terrell and body have. No friends that. Nine as a red flag for sure. Gen John we just.