Ruin a First Date in 4 Words Calls

Tuesday, June 7th


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Jeff deja. On starting now before we want them. Four words to ruin our first day. I work in radio six cents a I happen. They'll once from FaceBook are hilarious. That's my parole officer. Does this look infected. Out of the end of the infections there aren't going. That's pleasant popular topic hey Cheryl. I'm not partly. Society. And I unfortunately somebody you know just tuned into the radio right now that's I think that your owns logo of Mali income and Omar Abu. Yeah LeRoy I. Must tell them. So everybody knows. Molly. And Jane and everybody is Latin it says to me. Musk is the same as the word points. It is real growth yeah it's just a gross word thank you. Here's a couple more science technology is great because. What's your bra size. That actually happened to that her son now it didn't what's your bra size first date of our. Couple more I am so pregnant. Your sister is hot. Yeah anymore there for years and you write your equipment. Did Thomas Pappas. You of these are already well you like my muscles. It's sad and that's a crisis unit I'm awful you know it mom of multiples in. Haiti and Logan veil of yeah. Yeah. Fed out of Earth Day. Just reach over the report contains I think you have to officially have said the I love you before eking out some else's play. Or hate it like it's yeah you can yeah. It's one thing that he's sharing right here it's cool to share what you can't. But to reach over just for something numbering. Teaming him. And I've got my wallet. It's like really. That's not even trick you know they plan and a purpose Bailey and Marietta. Would that be a buzz kill the then you know be tapped I don't think I am trying to remember about exit say dating and I don't think I had any that went. All. Oh. He got one. Yeah Abbott it's it's a longer story for a different topic OK so I can't see the forward sentence. Without telling the entire build up to it some not they do it here but I did have did you have a a sentence that. Well that was weird things a little idea what did you buy true stories of how the first they went sideways now tell the story. And got more from anti Graham I love Trump's hair. I'm out on parole. Are you into experimenting. You smelled different a weight can okay. I still ahead on the jet engines Shia. We get paid these all they will keep the conversation on hand and face that's yeah. If you are playing on his behind get your whole office involved every business. Jen shall we go it's.