Setting A Trap

Wednesday, October 4th

Kelly Cheese's intuition told her something was off, so she set up a trap to catch him. 

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Okay Terna Nande. Yeah yeah shell ol' ball this is it. America okay to set a trap for demands. Jeff is furious with Kelly she's obese. He tees off on her right now. We got to hear her side of the sort race and I'm mad and Kelly geez I'm disappointed. With sixty guy got caught up in its spears yeah. I expect my gender to be smarter than this I'm OK well things could put the fact here's the thing. Okay I had somebody. Stay the night with me on Monday night and there are a couple little red flags at half men that sent me an awful old pals on his trail against you could say. He com he is stay with me before. And on he told me that he wanted to sleep in the next day. What I thought was weird because he stayed with you form and he's never wanted to sleep and play at the same time and you leave it to come here in the studio between 430 and five I usually do for a 430 episode. It's early summer copying everything out also understand when someone wants asleep and he's never done that before. This film's heroes out year old out right they get comfortable. Comparable I. This area I'm from my house. But what also triggered it was right before he asked this question he's on the that he had a headache. And asked me if I had many Tylenol handle whatever and then this'll Madison's northern appointed him to do and say hey there's a draw are right there. And you can open and when he did and I know because I had other hole. There's some things and android that are intriguing you know you want alone cannot but you don't wanna look at ammonium persons around. And let him play at a whole bottle full toenails are okay. Well liked on. Handwritten letters that won't be going through that letter from. Those types of things letters that you saved. Right exactly and that other things a little boxes that might have who knows what's in them because it's my personal drawn my personal business toenails and pass level and Mac thing. Still it was the right our tree of an event run heard some you know wrestling around when he said. That he would like to sleep in the next morning so and and I should've disaster right then did you see something you wanted to ask him out then settles like I know he's asking. To sleep and later so he can look at myself alumni here on the set a trap. I guess I'm a unmasking how Indiana senator it's kind genius okay so. How did you send it to know that he would go back in because this is a junk drawer right yeah I. Obama met Victoria. Okay yeah imagine jurors just away and that call you guys are exactly at halftime and getting juncture for Jeff has doubled exits toenails and you know I generally 300 pants that don't work some Scotch tape a pair of scissors that I can never find. I memorandums bullets wine. Oh as well as can be a mandatory enter into different. Exactly and my. As a few things that are really intriguing and it's so the way I set this up I woke up the next morning you announce a turnaround and a shower and get ready. And I decided. I was indeed two things I put taped underneath the bottom of the drawer where the track is almighty so you could see him. If this tape has broke and that means he opened right however our eyes off. May be he'll have in semi. Snooping of remorse like I shouldn't do anything close it so or if I had to catch a plane hole or if it is just let me yeah. Any use some more talented get another house. Right exactly yeah I thought and let us say there anyway just if he opens his. Two steps ahead of you yes I like our genders are two steps ahead of each other sixty cents an idea yeah. So that's on I realized that this thing that was most intriguing American missile letter that I had needed to be position in a way where I knew. If it let our I would note that had been made moved. So I folded in a way that I knew that he unfolded it he would never be a lot of fun to back Al what does he moved it in order to get to that then Giarratano and I've. The paper's newsroom Psycho but I had a little extra button and historically as Matty torrent cute little extra buttons in the air and I put it in the land are so the button and roll right now be open that huge yards. Yes my. Is so Smart so there's a little button in the letter Zune gets and reads it it's gonna fall out yeah but it back in the same place here and notice they're there are many things and that's magical. Hi our life here would have fallen into. I ask you name now he would have noticing it but he would have given. The woman that he cares about the benefit of the doubt and not think. Oh. She hit a booby trap button in there are IE he would just thank. I mean I need to start taking no idea psychopath tells of a I letter was untouched. They tape was broken. And I mean that's the first he had innocent and that not like a million under here is the that I did they idea under his Ferrari have and I take the storm. Son number one he went into the jar yeah share her shirt open net. And then look and not only insulin or not all living anywhere near the way that I folded it originally is planning on playing in the same place. So he designed snoop debt or read the letter and then put it back in aid yes imaging QA yes. How did this okay I talked to this person regularly. I told him I was gonna have to come out about something on the show today like look at your enemy in a car and you're in here and this. Oh okay. Anyone I know he told me. He has I gotta admit something I went through that door next year bad. This status of the trap on is not the Droid I know. Tonight that. I didn't. And it's time so this is. Come on guys. It's how you looked so defeated you are furious even tee off on her presenting track. Now I'm mad at the guy named for phone for a man nobody in his big face told him I got the. There aren't demanding your manage him for doing that and are firm for what you just having your mom and Amber's new thing being or uneven day being 404. Twos and I spend an Eddie House. Because I like to cut a hole except. I would get an answer. You Wear a woman who would lay the opportunity to brag about the trap you set on your man. Policy now for a 4263 and I. Star in 941. Don't brag about the tracking sex. I'm man Kelly she's just been hit. Casey strapped down and got him from college now 40 boy do you think stereo nine. Share. I was disappointed in them. You're just shaking your head in here just like it. Head in hands shaking his head. Because the second level of bad is it Kelly came I had times and I am at call you out for some on the radiator mines and you may go on through the drawer in your bedroom and she's right. Even though is that are in the. We'll track like you said he sang like the burning. That means that she's a Smart yes and paperback and united let's hear. National phrase here are smarter ways to get so if you did over there. Well I needed unit cheating. And another girl told me at pearl. Nice words you. Now don't. Need never to my house and student marry him and I had Larry it's the door. Eric and I can leverage and the trend. Kind of rare and well what's your tackle each. Marion. And every record. So you had a guy friends come over act like a bouncer at your own. How those things so you could unleash a torrent of crazy on him once he realized what happens. Okay so what was his reaction when he walks in the room and you're sitting on your bad with the other woman. He had to say they keep it a better candidate. And move your head what it. You know what'd. So. How did you know the other woman was she a friend of yours. Now I'm actually in action on that when she did. Why can't I shoot a bad isn't that what and then they rare going after almost a year. Willow and your name is Rebecca. And so used to that woman really our Becky with the game there. I truly in real life. It's. I'm wondering there's just laying that's beginning friend in situations not even really mad about that and had it coming. Right it's me and Paul prayed and you hang in Yankee G and he. And her right arm. Desperate. Yeah yeah. Cool I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.