Stepfather in Delivery Room

Friday, June 24th


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Love rejoices in the morning and. We appreciate that itself star now before I want. Matt is in crisis mode right now have and Matt leaves are out. What's gonna happen. I've been having this ongoing debate lightweight and pretty much her whole family. All machines do with. Which we found out it's actually going to be little for. So. So she do next month and what the basic. Issue is personal. Who achieved very close to integrate. You want to be in the delivery during this slow. Caddie. And what do you think about that. Me personally I. I've kind of uncomfortable. I don't release the reason for and the Vietnam. And why it what is you might think most importantly. Well but my wife and for a cheek you know sheet this guy's been generally it's like twelve years old. And you know she's got a great relationship with them. But me personally I just think it's a little strange. You never never had any kids that the bones never bit at the liquor before operators. Now you know his own children there is. He doesn't have any like that so I took I think people will open are acting that now. I don't think it needs should be there. But do want to be an area that I'm okay with four. I just don't think that he needs to be here in I think it's a little bit much. I don't think the nurses and doctors are gonna want that many people in there it's going to be your wife and Yale and only if her mom's there and and a step dad. That's that's a lot of people and that's like. I know it seems like he should come in after the baby is born and smile and pose for pictures that. Yeah I mean. A typical white person to soar to go now. Dog and pony show this whole thing and utility that will be here peak at some video of this. Video. One and sit there holding a news in itself owns. Don't let my wife. You know. Don't think our plight it certainly I think it's it's great. Oh my god can you imagine. Filming that and then do it on snapped and using that dog filter cloth. I mean and at Spain AG if anything's possible for something to get on the Internet or something. I just I Lou we don't want and then they're holding up is. It iPhone getting video. Of the first of our first. And it's but he thinks that it'll RB are particularly that's where. And. So the rest a little ROK. And you likes it came. Yes and I I haven't discussed this with anybody you know just you know go. Passing per advice here for you guys. Well. I have a couple of questions first question. Does he have any medical legacy of doctor or nurse or a paramedic orders he had some medical. Interest in being involved in this. No bid none whatsoever he's a project manager for stretching out. Got an okay I so that was question number wine and question number two U is. Would you feel any differently if it wasn't a step parent if it was just day it was a it was a birth bad. Well maybe you know maybe a little different part in a certain time I just think it says. It won't. Realistically you probably wouldn't you know. We have it's certain that. Nobody should be in the air but currently personally I think that's it that's that was sort of cheering yeah. I think you just can't tell her like this is my kids here and this is my experience do let's have a dispute to a class and then. Not even have her mom there maybe that makes it easier on the step dad is he won't be sitting out in the waiting room by himself. Mom and step dad wait outside. And then it's just it's true view and their close nurses and doctors. Our phone number is 4047419400. If you have. Any advice or if you've been in a similar situation but I think Jan hit the national. On the hey you got to eliminate everybody who is not involved in the creation of that car. Big out yeah that's and let's do it right way to say it for sure. Star made before one.