Trashed or Toddler

Tuesday, December 5th

Can you tell the difference?

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Okay turn enough. And Justin Jan show all of now. Daily game I can't stand trashed or toddler Iran of the damage and jam. Maybe you know that their friends between a pivotal time and a trash adults. Yes you are I mean who would you like to play against LEG's Geneen. Jenn hobby or myself. I don't think it's all right let's fetus made Jane has experience with both toddlers and trashed. That she is going to be a formidable opponent. All like I can't let you live. IA guy Jane and Haley with a hundred dollars to STK on the line let's listen first. To Amanda in Woodstock poll this. Then. Oh my god at that giant piece of teeth and little late right eating my yellow blanket. Beating a yellow blankets pegging its cheese. Take firm please take some land it we take relax out of the room please Kelly earth she's in a little bit you know and how. I tell our Alexa sorry Haley. United it's this car. Okay we'll Martin and I never said. Oh my god at the giant piece of teen. And Lily try eating my yellow blanket. I. Haley d.s a I typical tie their trash to adults. Shed light at. I can't. Pat is aghast. I can go past it has trashed the answer it is the frenzy and he was stressed now. Wavered Jenn hobby. Lucille and Smirnov with clear number two. I'll ice and it's so you read on the middle of hard dropped his pants is a gold it started PM. He's been remiss not an easy turnaround and it it's OK Don see it again. Is that it's okay dogs do to does that tie their logic or trashed the logic Elie what do you think. Many Larry on the again Jan I'm gonna go it's happening a toddler both say time there the answer is yeah. Can't let this three year old Todd. Our. I had any. Haley you're on the blurred and clear number three from JP's white useful Heidi. I was happy get tagging different letters in next to let me win the lottery those raids and he said to me how elaborate pending any hearing. Wow why is it based broking. Loot at the template and. IChat even elect toddler. I'd Lehrer why is her face broken and I go away is trash. To trashed shopping at target. Oh my god that sounds like the most dangerous thing I'm planner. Hours later yeah all right math. The answer variety in Smyrna have. My friends play out hot iron I've learned. Yeah nice mainly we have a tied game praise and Smyrna. I walked downstairs this year is feeding them dog potato chips after the dog ate that she tried to make out with the dog. As you were successful. I. I scratched and. Steve feeding dog its chance I feel it is so something my toddlers they do we'll. And our oldest loves getting so close search dogs and so I'm going Tyler I learned. Answer from Chris concerning air is now my friend Rachel and she was completely trash trash. I Haley takes the lead three that's due panic as a tie it up here I'd Hanna in Roswell has the final clue. If you pants on NBC in the winter it's your underwear and how I'm in the wind received loads item while singing frozen. The Lennon. It's. Haley is an Enron as well there's talk about a Todd learn. Our trash and else. And it crashed and I trash stand Jan it is impossible to tell the difference. There. Little. OK I'll just be different I'm gonna go toddler. I timer so adds that best. Zheng did Ty Abbott Haley gets it right she as the winner of the 100 RS TA to divvy it include one more time. CPU pants on NBC in the winter it's your underwear and how I'm gonna wind received loads item while singing frozen. Don't panic. So. The answer. And yeah she was trash. No I don't ask hey does this figure out all the celebrities. And it's where all the fancy people hang out in midtown views will be eleven outlets that have. Also. Things here oh congratulations very bragging rights that you know your toddler's. And your trash some doubts better than Jan Hopkins as well that well I practice I need to go out. You covered in the top an apartment after. Thanks for making this wedge to the chest congestion. One stone not before one and it.