Trashed or Toddler

Tuesday, January 9th

It's the coworker edition! Can you tell the difference between a trashed adult and a typical toddler? 

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shell hole now. Can you tell the difference between a trashed adult. And a typical toddler if you think you can. Play along that we've Jackie in Smyrna. For this week's episode of trashed her toddler in happens. In about thirty seconds here and the Japanese and Carol first I got to remind you to grab your hash tag plus T shirts we put him on sales for the month of September because it is childhood cancer awareness month. And all the proceeds are going to recent magic fund. Which is our attempt to try to end childhood cancer so is really cool shirts. Hash tag is actually spelled out as the words like. CAA as aides Steve Agee hash tag blasts. I'm sitting on cash tech bust out and eating your life skippy super comfy teachers. They're on sale ads now that's key rate there super companies are not only is it for a great cause and has a great message. But it will be your premature I think it will be hope you'll shop at target and it every Saturday picky. You can grab here's online now Lincoln's up ads started 41 Atlanta dot com. Let's welcome to the show today is competitor. Jackie in Smyrna hey Jackie. Paint Corey Dylan. We aren't good you know the difference between a trashed adults and a typical toddler. The only two things now now Jackie are you appearance. I am not that I have been. 57. Years or something like OK listen you got one on here Jeff. He had a play against Jacqui thank anyway and and I'm gonna do what you just I. Even though I have in recent memory on flight five. A tank battle that's right I am a formidable opponent which means you have great bragging rights. If you beat me you're also getting an apparent tickets to assert its own way. Their show me the tournament lose the vans and AM the museum. In the and I you will turn away at one point during the can. Purchased. It has tripled its weird he's buried and. It's a magical show all about Mexico right it is it's really great I can't wait to see I'm so jealous Jacqui because I know you're going to be Jeff and you're going to be I Jackie I really settled. Year ago. Okay round one comes to us from Rebecca in Marietta is she describing it trash person or a toddler. It was Halloween weekend and after a long at picking out and how they. CEN was a great show off Oliver close. And that she had a great night but by the end of the day she woke up when it happened and it doesn't cost you time and her yeah. And Z has locked herself an actor I accidents. Jackie Garcia describing. Not a tough one. I'm gonna go live. Tracks. I'm going with trash too only because there're so many deep. Okay those they tractor ran one toddlers not that complex. I guess but that's just me. To round two comes from Jana in Decatur. It's pricing and just I mean tablet and let's sell very upset that they couldn't figure out how to make wire they couldn't read the directions. And that game took heat in green and girl eight and China. Seagate assistants on how to wag the Tampa. She is and a trash person or a typical toddler. You sound like toddler got a little delicate term. I'm gonna go to Paris and I got to Tricia got and the ease Jackie I'm going with toddler really. At eight mile underground three ram John in Alpharetta. Now the car stumbling around it and growing up in the toilet. Trash. Right Nancy I was gonna say eight trashed and I should tape mantra forgot advise. But I think that John in Alpharetta is trying to mask for this. I think that's actually a toddler. Today round or is from let's passion in Stockbridge. In the global. And pulled eats the ban in a model. That the icy. It. Let go of metal in the hall way and tracked it right down to the bathroom she stressed it's not so polite about the way she says. Google and. I'm gonna say at toddler. I'm going on time Austin and one handler. And our final round I've come to us. From star in it. I picked a person one day and not to give up its EC fell asleep while she was eating. The food that after the destination as that okay time to get out she woke up. And put a chicken fingers back and amounts that are Becky don't foresee the end and now. That's how can I start at all. You can go either way it's a toddler will make him. I'd take him made chicken for Internap is it so well. That's the village person Jackie ready and say. Hot glare and play into ass I'm ago trash just to be different. Our hey that's up. I pig coming up in three minutes we will find out their answers and see if weekends and Jacqui to circle or if Jeff remains the undefeated champion of trashed her toddler. And she I'll star. Dresser out there on the jet's engines show is the boards of both games show it then you can imagine playing because. Really hard to tell the difference between a typical toddler and an adult who has had way to much to drink. Irate every forget who the trash her toddler champion of today is that we are going to talk to JP because he had no idea. With the inside of his wedding venue. Was going to look like until this past weekend. We'll all find out together heir of the colors inside. Match. All the craft that he and his fiancee have been doing for the draft provides. Or if they will be starting over so their whole wedding is an ass an assault on their guests' eyes. We'll find out rate after we wrap up trashed her toddler. Jackie is taken on Jeff for this week's edition guys ready to find out who is the winner rang and yes I can. Are right before he before we go any further than Jackie this is more difficult and you and it is when you play on and the radio and it's a little bit. I didn't have a feeling confident as he's got you on this and Jeff a day so round one we heard from Rebecca in Marietta. It was Halloween weekend and after a long at 800 pound. CEN was a great show up Oliver yeah and that she had a great time that by the end. And without them it may not cost you on her hands are wet and yeah and Z has locked herself in a badger my accidents. OK Jacqui I both said trashed and the answer our. Cars in the act and it's just a. You are nicer words she said it was me and I was really trashed president foreigners say it was me and I was four yeah. OK I'm around you from Janet in Decatur. It's hard sing. I need tablet and let's sell very upset that they couldn't figure out how to make wire a Clinton read the directions. And that game took heat in green and they're all day and each should get assistance on how to wag the Tampa. I Jackie says trashed I said toddler whereas if things my way out. And now. Jacqui. You went against your got on the island I myrtle at one point a typical blue but it looked like boost and yet. Okay round three from John mouth around he said. Passed out the car stumbling around it and growing up in the toilet. On judge you said trash I said toddler the winner is that yet knows I'm my best friend and she was. Okay it's very. Nice we gotta tie game here folks. I Jackie going into round four. Will remain tied because for this than we both said toddler OK here we go let's hash out just ours. Is wild and alcohol stop in the mail out all that global Pablo. In the pulled a proceed to the bathroom that puddle tracts. I look in the bathroom and who do I see that the few guys that rate his visit Tom learned this. In EU might drop encore. On the flow learn if I had everybody's got a drunk on their family okay. Rankled agree or did you just make and I did. That RA it comes down into the last line the scores cited two Jacki. It is the results. The winner will be determined by the result of this last one from star and alana. Pick with Hearst and one day and asked is it I mean she fell asleep while she was eating. The food and after the destination as they are carrying trying to get out she woke up. And put a chicken fingers back and amount that a decade enforcing the in thing out. Who did the most challenging one yet Jackie said toddler Jeff you said trashed the winner is. Earth is your knees. Actually wine can interact. Art you're going to hate. Don't excited congratulations. Jackie I've read it to a close game we you know your trash and elves and you can do it better than I do. Bragging rights for ever. Yes sir thank you for making this alleged in the chest congestion. On star not before one.