Trashed or Toddler: The Dragon Con Edition

Tuesday, September 4th

Can you tell if these are stories about toddlers, or about drunk people? 

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This is that a Japanese yen shot it is tough to tell the difference between typical toddlers and trashed I've dealt so we turn it into a game. This one inspired by dragging on my. Think you can guess correctly will play with you here. Coming up in just a sagging get you on hold right now and I'm Geneen quick review of dragging on well it was. All of sings amazing inheriting an incredible and I thought the exact same thing about the parade. It was so great. Did you guys have about was the weather perfect analysts told her so perfect and there are worse so many costumes. I mean I would say my favorite was holed that black panther crew they where amazed seeing if it is so good is so incredible. So did plus my kids loved although I Disney princess I was gonna say did you have a great time as a mom there with decades yes and Janine did you edit it and there's a parade purchase that game. And like some instinct and if you want the best view of Atlanta you know hurried. I think anyone else in the fridge but I got to see Atlanta just like come out on the street urchins. Crowded like it was in fifteen it was insane and it's not unique look at humanity to say you know I don't call eight out of like I love people. Didn't Arab weirdness and it's like embracing your weird and being like totally enamored with Ed is awesome and their quirks cords weird quirks. Have a Mike Weir is a good thing is what I'm saying yeah on your weird yeah yeah. No I. It's just Shenzhen south. Aren't ready for one Daryn in Atlanta would you like to play against Kelly cheese or Jenn hobby for this round of dragon con trashed her toddler. And say hey I want to play and and. Yeah and then this. Agenda and expert in all things father because she's got two of them bites. I shiatsu nose knows how to drink a bottle liners three. I'm sorry sorry I can't. I think we care a great paired up I have a toddler I don't know much about your time but I can also drink bottle identity. Yeah I'm going to get meaning even mad the first clue comes from a dragon kind Purdue is a man. Visiting us from. Michelle. So I was in my constantly and I had my way with the Marlins and he came up behind me grip my buns and and like towards them left and right. Don't torque bias in the first they would. I was pretty sentiment about Governor Palin are behind act didn't really tell there. I only in only a dragging hammered Israel would say torque. The port Mumbai yeah. Aaron which is there a trash adults do torture Biden's very adamant about their. If and says Tyler Jane who toward the buns. I have been stress is time or two in the past dragging on its on going trash Spanish and the bonds were Garay is saying you're trashed and they were three times. The bodies of her and her hunt. I Vivian and. Sandy Springs. Here's your clue this bridge into the middle against circle and it started attempting to break dance really really bad looking now complex. If that you didn't really trashed aha sabathia. Aaron what you guys trash or Tyler. Came true yeah I wouldn't say it was terrible though the toddler and. Yeah I Janet good thought let's get thought and so on toddler is saying to gather the answer from Vivian zinni's rings it is that was a tough lady. Fifth. And our hair and very Arabs had. All right I'll wave from Minnesota it's Lindsay. And her own running and based planning into a police officer at the highest. That's. Kind of in the hunt for it. You see trash gen. Lula I'm gonna go. Toddler. And they tableau. With. All of you yeah times I am. If if this is rather than the game is over and you're the Biggest Loser we have ever had there and I don't know what. She was very trash to. Yeah and it learned a number three from Florida it's Jason and the person walked up to lose some beautiful classically out there with a desperate trouble walking and. A father I've actually witnessed. James already trying to escape underneath address the general is wearing it out in a fancy grant related event we are celebrating something for doctor Rivera and Lauren was like in order to be fine. Under James Stratton. Says out there. It you know probably do that. Wouldn't even be a story as far as I'm actually. Fun I'm gonna go. Is it time energy and I am glad trash on trash. Aaron if you get this race David games and if you get a rate since you're the winner of the or is. And he was a toddler. Areas a loser. You are anyway. Thank you thank get on this last question Aaron he's got a burning today we got a Burnham today anyways is it's dragging them through this is devil yeah. From West Virginia. He ran into someone wearing an inflatable dinosaurs costing just to see how much they would bounce off. So hard. Aaron I'll yet united played against Jan just get this right Wal-Mart time he ran into someone wearing an inflatable dinosaur costume just to see how much they would bounce off. I Pablo are definitely did dad. Is that your final answer. He's having no fun is the top. And where did you ever yeah tempered talk Korea. Where you can get trash other toddlers. Face it ran. It staying and they Eugene where I gathering all those fun dragging conference absolutely every. As for making this way it's. Now on star not before one.