Update on Kelly's Dumpster Fire: Part 1

Tuesday, March 14th

How did Kelly's confrontation weekend go?

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Thanks for making this wedge. Today Jeff congestion. One start now before one and. I'd say Davis dumpster fire is is out in its amassed and as it should be Kelly she's though. Has not yet told us she's hiding are you hiding. I don't entirely aligned and Anna you Indira did you know. You didn't know. Kelly each. Angel. I didn't I didn't know that Ascap feels they're now I'm like my parents in my own warming here. I'd I didn't do it because. I just felt like I was going into such a fun weekend and I was going to be around such a great girls who are really influence on my life and that means so much to me. I didn't wanted to be clouded by a harried Elaine Larry you know me having them talk about the conversation I had they are still I get back. Well you know I had a self inflicted hangover yesterday I felt hairball and edit my worst. Sell like and is gonna wait until Monday because money's. Are ready you know it's Monday so. So you gonna do today I managed to hang. Kelly told us on Friday that her is this your childhood is is this your first friend that you made when you moved to Augusta it is yeah. All three of them I was com. Going into ninth grade I so like thirteen or so your friends from age thirteen has just turned into a bit of a selfish well brides Ella. Yeah and she's been engaged now I two years and this last year she's been. Early planning weddings in October she originally invited me to be in the wedding when she did it was just kind of like. Seeing a sign a card or put a return address and any notes from ourselves kind of start off on our court for it. I haven't seen her and prayer for a year or so I do feel a little detached from it just because there's there's a connection there from John Mark. And yes she's just become a bully have been very honest with I haven't seen you like let's try and figure out a visit. And everything this kind of falls through the cracks and that she just sends me really mean Texans is how on the back end. So I don't think I've process this properly on Friday but when you ban all on the friendship. You're also taking yourself out of being a bridesmaid for. Here's a thing I've ever heard anything about being a bridesmaid in the past year. So when I was texting or the other day that I did not appreciate waking up to a phone. I tech's president 3:30 in the morning that she sent me at midnight because it didn't respond to terror attacks admin night. While I was leaving. Should acquire just really want you to be at my wedding containing arming NN are being a bridesmaid. I let I got that imitation to be a bridesmaid gone zero and information about dress shopping. Bridesmaid I singers there party anything. Is it possible. While this would be great. This would be okay it would only take one phone call and if we don't get any phone calls would just move Lama to the front camp and Hank but is there anyone listening. Through this show right now who invited someone to be a bridesmaid in the wedding. Okay pound tank and because this is what I think may have happened invited semi of your rise in the leg then changed their mind. And rather than addressing it just never spoke of it again. I come maybe that and maybe that's why she's being economy into me she's like deflecting. The attention from maybe. Oh she's gotta have the same break up conversation media are phone numbers 404263. 0941. It's unlikely but it's possible that someone listening to tell you why you be in my wedding that may be a drunken late. But whatever it's like the drunk I love you. Hole like sushi and she she got all excited the week that she got engaged she's like well. And then as far and two weeks and she really serves baggage that. Yeah. Yeah check a fact and I. Florida ordered your and my vision and you guys taken out of letting him with his number mobile phone I got fired from a Whiting. You've got you've got drunk guy left viewed a listen in the first time that's happened that he heard the first 404263094. Line. We just need evidence of this happening at least one other time in the wild. Did you prove that it doesn't happen to the girls gone wild at. Star in 941.