THE VAJURY with Scott

Thursday, May 24th

Scott says they have a friend in the group who always flirt with all the guys, but the wives don't like it. Should they say something?

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Are always meant Pamela Carroll is women on the majority always rules. He's case my lady friend. Gary. So we need only women and to be a part of the pitcher you only hear Scott's case here. And there are going to make a decision based on what you say a 100% the a group of friends has agreed it. Few of by a divide them a verdict which sometimes happens I'm a lot of times it doesn't this is a strong recommendations. This time Scott has gotten the buying in it from everybody in the group that what you decide is what he's going to do. Hey Scott log into the jet engine show and to the adjournment we do for you today. And yet go on I have. Or that kind of flirting with all of the hug them where group. He. Yeah she's prepared to it's. Quote quiet boring guys in the in my life. As the rather plant or like or wouldn't ease up and stop being so attention. And slightly go to Google duplicate. It's gonna create drama it's just the fact that. I would do anything to reduce what we don't we'll pick and. So. Your wife and her friends want to approach another woman in the frank grove Intel artists that yes sir touchy with view. And the other husbands and boyfriends. Yeah. It late. We're not gonna do anything about it you know it's not like it's an upper right. And it back on its so circulated similar sportsmen. No luck and political group. Yes and guys just wanna leave it alone and let her be however she's going to be is it possible can these evil out of your friend group. I mean mighty miss them do you like her husband that much. I mean he's co. Oh and apparently this portable people recruit you know you you'd need that personality. Yeah. It's is a good a good line and a good mix OK okay. The group visceral kind of like very loud and outspoken so he kinda use. He's quiet but apart from the Vatican also looked. A flag pin so you feel like if the women approach to this the forty twice. That things are gonna be awkward for their forward. Right and like the guy is sort of fingered the guys are worried that you know let it go but and I go otherwise it's because so when talking about it. At the time we hang out its its gangs and she met changed. Its current work wouldn't go to particular telephone. There's every friend group have the touchy Feely girl. Every friend group everybody knows that girl play or that woman who is just a close talker. I am just likes the a couple of inches from your face and she's always got a armor around gen. Is really innocent and sweet is just the way that the person hits remember we used to work with somebody who is like that yes and it Mick yeah we ordered me out one. June 1 saint. Until I realized that's just to issue lives and a patient access special thing for you and. That around by first so what's your question exactly for the jury is. Should your wife's be able to say anything or should she zip. Just like dirt on what your opinion on whether or not. I am quite sure approach sure we should just like what it's one of the paso. You know while ago. If I understand Kelly she's correctly. Your wife and her friends and abide by what they reveal is there revolves verdict yes let's which integrate. I 840 Ford's U 630941. Missouri hasn't seen it all right so where there are next few days he's not. Please try. What the and they do and this group is going to take your advice I'd gotten somebody is just jumped into the jet engines show. We give us a little a recap of what you're asking the jury today. Yeah shared several. America. With a throw of one woman burger that should include flirty and kind of touchy. And just gonna close talker. Oceaneering. Gotta have been quite boring. But really what you know of the day we would have been the perfect group are guided Smart guy in the group and my wife and her third one approached a woman. And we don't and so we just we want the jury to decide what my wife and her friend still. And what the jury decides is why your wife has agreed today. Saw her. Veronica you can cast the first vote listening in Chicago Illinois oh really yes. There. Completely inappropriate and like you know. I view it as Long Island. Yeah right. America is not form any punched. Say something I'm Bret thank you Veronica thank you and thanks Elizabeth from Chicago. Did you find us. I'm a little. Alien. Yeah the loans and she brought us home and made you listen. Our idiot I found alone thank you and I'm glad you're in the Stanley what's her name. Think he does have a day Hanks. I actually in Gainsville shot at or say something. Eight someday come. I would approach it. Can they might be an intentional. I would say. Really a woman tries the way that this has been Gerri would you say shut I've generally gone there. It's really. People are just close talkers are just clarity and they don't really have the same personal boundaries space as everybody else and I don't think she means any harm by it. So I just I just deal with that be like oh yeah that's the friend close talks right up on their face I don't get a vote no Janine I. Being an AM. If you this is a big deal because normally Janine is swayed by whatever Jen. Yeah do you change their mind they know the one thing he said that really stuck with music you like. All of the men in the group they just they think that dynamic is fine and we don't want a mess of bad people of this group don't like that dynamic of the group. Don't you don't just chill because they got the golden asleep so pardon the oldest is married to are the people of the Cooper so comfortable with. Every time making not to panic and that does not cool Janine and I trainers and not police say something you really get your hands off my man. Or we're not friends. Any time that I don't I'm not sure if you're aware of the world we leave van. We remain only earn too late 78% of what man Aaron which means. They're technically not half of the group coming to terms like off there last week. That is of the jury what he is doing and and the NRA rod as well how are you part of military. I'm I think proceeds of certain of its own little hope of getting them like I'll look at a lot of redundant or. Are ever able to get mortality and good. Approach or Maureen and and in the silenced. I'm going to raise your over your morning. Yeah I did so I looked over global. In the cities and underage are able to be allowed to have a gem. And he agrees with me so yes I. Any added I don't. Banks spend. And let me make candy and Lawrence and bill. Kayaks this I think that the it's then is it's making them feel uncomfortable. With it's they can know why is still comfortable. Station they don't want to approach this one. Woman. I looked great was going all saying. You know there is out once burned a group you know that is stacked on a plane doesn't you know understand boundaries inside. It can create 88 strong when in fact that's a lot of reasons why can't avoid many women because they kind of effect caddy what a. Women are terrible arm and he is saying. Yeah Aubrey MMX ten years the only person who's saying China out. I am didn't have to just play and we want back again don't you shut out all agree in Atlanta wipes out. I'm in the heartland shut up don't. Here's your friends and our. Are we entering that. I can't think of really ruined it. Is safe and there but to me is really like yeah I. Wished ever went quiet really. Big and yeah patient had to happen. A global ad and now my now high and I'm a girl and you know just she. Issued a very edgy I'm like yeah. I would say they don't just about a government that car at eight Leland Hillary. And we lost her phone while even we did Aubrey is voting even if we. Take. Fans vote out of AK Aziz biologically a boy even though you made implement some an honorary of the jurors. That's for people Veronica Ashley Janine and Mandy who also say is I'm saying I'm saying even though Aubrey has experience or her vote should count for ten. And she agrees it's ten halos and I am losing show back and there I sky serve your honor range it was gonna Jerry said to four votes first say hey I'm not saying it. Five of her counting man that a hobby and our brave guys out lonely island of shut down. He's really our thanks for making this wedge. Today Jeff congestion. One star not before one.