What The Florida

Tuesday, July 24th

Here's your weekly dose of stupid criminals and they will have you saying WTF! 

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This is that is just finish and young. The Florida because this dynasty didn't like to have the brightest it criminals. I'm always so proud of my Florida people this is where I'm from and here are their stories. Let's sell it jet freight and this is that GO FF corridor. As jabbing and only. If you if you are that if our British royal family and your name's G operate. That means your transistor I'll make you little fancier than you think you should me. I thought well this G off Korea made what CNET are getting through it floor Stuart Florida last week. I don't some bizarre things at the store it's 53 years old in this. G offer Eaton gone into an argument with a fellow customer. And then he dropped his pants and told that customer to kiss his naked eye. Have they are also acting in a rambunctious and while walking around the aisles at one point knocking over. Precious contents on the shelf. You don't do that anybody's target of course so the manager called the consummate deputy showed up at target he was no longer. A man fitting his description though was found at a nearby house about a mile away. Now according to the Martin county sheriff's office the search of the home revealed certain drugs. And including marijuana and eleven pipes with traces of T he seat. G off free admitted that the drugs did belong to him and that they were quote blessed by god. And when the officers asked him why he was acting up at target G doc Fareed said. His teachers told him to go there and destroyed items inside his store values and he's manned the current will app has gone away for the he's frustrated that smell of fresh straining his quote unquote teachers told and again there what's the floor. Are moving on now. He buys this water played the way I buy. Bananas. Always forget the you have some at home you buy another bunch I think it's an and fell eleven heights I guess it is forget all of wearing put them. I have I any Pigram is that their readers you have got careers all of the house as I'd say Iraq. I hate the Newton and let's set averaging just found Florida though where you need to five year old Justin stand urged. And Justin went into grocery store without. And started threatening the clerk a real hammer. I bring not bring him hammer down like a real hammer I love Florida the way they'd pick we'll points in time in the side channel that period in history like he's going to be a lightning hit the Hispanic in the store but. Justin held off by swinging me around them. Now things are getting worse because other customers were around him down he keeps swinging this camera around so that. When one of the officers managed to sneak up behind Justin. And attack him but the best weapon within reach. Two cans of Bush's big being. It's. Night. Right Anita Saturday ahead but can't get Justin and this game can stunned him just long enough for the other officers that take him down call on all of his arrest on assault and resisting arrest. That is one delicious the story out of Florida a pack back I think your cameras and I don't get it. Finally we travel to Gainesville. Florida home of the Florida Gators a team both the bulldogs sentinels love to hate. I that's where you'll find 33 year old total idiot named David EAS and he was huffing compressed air in his car on Saturday so much so we passed out in the police found him slumped over the steering wheel with his engine running. So without seeming knock down his window. He briefly lifted his head of all enough to take another hit off his ouster when I'm back out again. Well let me start banging on the window. At which point. He takes another hit off of the air Desormeaux and pass out again this and three more times before David comes to and then tries to drive away. But he didn't get very far you hit another vehicle swerved off the road drove through some days you're impress your mailbox hit a second car than finally came to a stop me anyway. And how often the staff maybe he was just trying to clean out this between his mouth keyboard is the fact that it is it the question. Luckily nobody was is and it's incidents so we can make fun of it and say what's that. If you ever come across a crazy criminal out of my home state of Florida easy pass along to meet you can find me everywhere at Jenn hobby. Or stop 941 Atlanta dot com. Thanks for making this wedge. Today Jesse James got one star not before one.