What The Florida

Tuesday, August 14th

What could make someone dance and hug trees in a park naked? Well...actually there's probably a few answers to that. 

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Star in 941. Jim nice to highlight the special people of the great state of Florida because. Well those are her people to hold these are my people and in Florida we are over achievers in the dumb criminal apartment. Born and raised made her way up to Atlanta that still as. Those guys though that GM jobs lived this that there. And Florida relate to set fire to compliance basis I've kept all my fluorescent pink. Yeah. I. Enterprise license plates I'll. That my people right well the dumb criminals continued this week lag right there and my home county of and Ellis it's just this actually takes place. Am a part that I hung out and when I was again. Gay jade did okay yelled you're children laughing with their families and elderly folks on a nice little while Kenny young couple of relaxing per panic in a beautiful park on a sunny day. Little did they know they were about to see a moon. Danielle people's as a name's Susan joined her afternoon at Bartlett arc in Saint Petersburg as well and Danielle who is forty years old was seen. About the park completely stark naked lounge at the park patrons described Daniel as acting erratically. Rubbing herself this thing and running back and forth in between two trees they can't just get out of litter boxes. You may hear in an apartment and when deputies arrived and asked Danielle to get dressed she Ricky sit first telling them there was a G. All over her. She also admitted that point that she'd use crack cocaine spice and crystal and that explains deadly cocktail yeah. The mystery spider and the full time. Pena was charged with indecent exposure consumer rap sheet of theft solicitation for prostitution drug possession forgery of bank bills and disorderly conduct. Just to name a few have now before. Weakened down too hard and Herm. I'm proud I'm a sport that's. Yeah I always walk through his spider web in the past and then he's been a good hour convinced yeah there's a writer in your hair around 80 in the sugar. Now imagine that happening while your tread vigna. Yeah. I I get why they do arrestor but I still get IG to about Bolivar close or wouldn't that runners. I've thought about do that totally sober I think you Daniel. A lot of the Florida through my new spice. It's like weird synthetic knock off of marijuana. It's like exuberant hot selling dollars to repair lion in his there's no good stories. And they go to the story get you showed that simply says. Cola yeah I illegal for like two weeks. Well that's what the Florida segment never liked her stories out of my home state thanks to our Jesse additional members to send me this summer Linksys citizen have my own citizens of Florida all the time. Like this one it thank you to Nikki new rules 27 on Twitter. She says it's not recommended for people stop and smell the flowers but taking time out to pay. Can lead to your rest that was the case for a Boca Raton man named Daniel EDO develop how Tino. Who in the middle of fleeing police stopped by home. Asked for water and then proceeded to lay down and play with the homeowners caps. All this happened after the man who is accused of taking 2000 dollars of from a friend's wallet then he crashed Alexis and a multiple vehicles including a cop car. He was running from the cops and had a fire hydrant Vinny bailed into residential area. And that's the point at which he walked up to Candace CNN's black back sliding glass door. And knocked an athlete himself and saying he was a landscaper working next door needed a glass of water she's like hey it's been a nice person. I she brought back the water and at that point he was lying on the floor playing with her cats. She said I just felt like something was not right and her husband tried to question the man and he fled outside and try to get from the police I diving into the into coastal waterway he. At that point eight police boat kind of and and and sent him to the palm beach county jail. And my biggest problem would this is why wasn't the homeowner arrested for stupidly letting a stranger. In the house he just asked for a couple are. I'm not sure she's just. Originally just give her what she solidly in super saver was definitely a criminal investigation they'd be a friendly neighbor these days or did you dateline special yeah. An idea that some days there's speak you open that door slide the water out and say do not have mckinny's. Instead of what the Florida Geneen Leary this on. Why did say what the me now all. Let me out of Florida man to yeah. Right and traveled to Damascus with us to say soda wary candidate for the Florida house lied about having a college degree and pose with ace fake diploma. After a news Allen was questioning her credentials that's right Melissa Howard who is running in Florida's. 73 house district claims that she graduated with a bachelor's degree from Miami university in Ohio. Well website reported she did not great graduate from there and she said I don't know that's a big story and she posed with her mother on FaceBook with a framed diploma. We'll that we can news organizations on this we're gonna apologize to you and retract that story. Went digging a little bit deeper well. There were a lot of inconsistencies. With her story on the degree on her diploma does not exist at Miami university in Ohio. She cannot have gotten a Bachelor of Science degree in marketing they don't offer. And that Oklahoma city University of Miami MIA MEY. Also I had a signature of a dean of the graduate school not the school of business. And at this point she has changed a whole bunch of her social media and posted that her husband has been treated the hospital recently for heart problems. Yeah he has not mass. And a campaign consultant says that Melissa is focus on her family not fake news this morning. Hi yes there sure our wives. Florida. Everywhere that crazy story out of my home state of Florida please pass it wants me these are my people. You can finally chased down and four alignment Atlanta and dot com. Thanks for making this wedge. Today Jeff congestion. One star not before one and.