What Happened That You Never Talk About

Friday, July 14th

Mom married her ex's brother? Estranged relatives? What happened in your family that never, ever, gets brought up at reunions? 

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Ladies and gentlemen master. So our nanny par one. Let's mainly about one thing you just don't talk about a subject you don't bring up bring up and we wanna hear from you for a Ford sees it 30941. Have been in your family. And you just don't talk about it we're on this topic because I spent last week where is. I'm my half brother big Dave who is engaged in is gonna marry a woman from the Philippines. Sometime this year. And I don't. As much as I love him. I don't entirely endorse. That relationship. And it's just it's still at the point where we are between us and setting Miley you think that she's gaming him and he's had a real love so it's causes huge rift in your relationship with him almost broke off your relationship with your brother. What's your handset and so when we are to get last week we just didn't speak of at all because it just wouldn't go sideways and that got me thinking like. There's got to be families. That have. Cousins who married somebody that nobody can Stanley think Janice. And I friends you know and I'm Sam turn right there and you just you know like where's Matt and acknowledge that are like. You know uncle Ted went to jail. He's just don't bring. Don't bring it out I have a friend of his says her dad. Is married. To her mom's old best friend. Lol and they haven't told anybody in the Stanley and and nobody brings it out everybody's in denial nobody talks about it. But every mom or dad a divorce and now data is now married moms old best. We just don't you just don't do it the other to knock it down to. Then it asks what are you talking about. Oh the football games on pass smashed potatoes and a what did you feel the 56 hours right how I can give a little more gravy is gang. All right and I say I'm a little more grainy thanks yeah. 04. She's 630941. That's a telephone number for a 42630941. Everything is at chili's you have a dramatic amicably without him and he's. A lot of family members that provides for a lot more and timers. You know I think it's like more serious stuff that's happened in my channel and we just don't talk about. You know I don't think you know nothing crazy like yeah. They hit a sand way to go this is thank you know there's senate there's some families where they're like. Yeah out what we on the we are now and how one takes too many tales overs started out. Ask who's had a tough about it JG anything your family. I have an uncle Gator I don't know if you've heard. As uncle or family member that you don't talk about is that raises avoid his issues and focus on the good part. She is a great dancer. And he likes to drink a few Beers and start to Wear on people and that's the fun part and he's a very fun party guys so we try and steer clear. As his Alter egos in the voices in his head because he is a really nice man that I love very much but it. And go sideways and real quick. Yeah I can't say which family members I have family members who. Had a Merrill's bad its cash paid big marital spat and all played out on FaceBook. When they posted everything about. This situation that was causing them to almost it's separated. It all played out on FaceBook and they each posted nasty things about each other and then it eats apologized to each other. And then now there happily married again but nobody has ever discussed. Eight public fight that they had it just went oh we discussed. All right we're gonna come rate bank here in. In three measuring their programs to financed. And we're gonna talk to a woman's. Who claims that she knows it cute twins. Who swapped roles in life. And nobody knows about it. Consummate in next. Have been in your family and you just never speak out at 404 G 630940. One's Faith Hill and turn it. A. I think we're not in T gotten there and we are literally and our iron and or. And nobody in your family ever talks about it. To meet again tomorrow night Elena like we are part of his. Youth so you were married for nine days total. I'll even get in Indonesia and and it. Would do legally we were married like three months apart at. Where your parents there for the wedding. They just pretend it never happens. This is. One of the unspoken things like we know announced on an inaudible we're not gonna talk about not talking about what is your ninth anniversary anniversary date. Yeah I carried on cricket you and guy. And have been more time with and number shot me here. I guess what they give every other Christmas Eve rolls around yes thank hey game. And I just remember my aunt. Have always been friends with this guy Grayson this is crazy and just America I think there's granite. Has been friends are the same grace and Andersen's eyes and grain he's hilarious guy in my hand on some best friends. And we have been hearing clinic together. And then lying ten years ago they build a house and moved in together so we're like girls sing together. You know or just raising horses and deny deny deny and then my tears again she comes in she has Lieberman preteen years. Why would she keep that a secret. Null and never play there are now. Raise horses PLO he is he's the polo players scenes of force acting on thirty horses so made sense of MI property info horses together and then help the community and lady together or any other unable to house a little Weirton wouldn't the does like. No word is reasonable or something and that's the last thing. Okay so when I love and then now why is this uncle Grayson my whole is losing your primaries and who. High paid. Am I don't know honestly because. They don't vote than married before her it wasn't like a sketchy thing there was just something they never told anybody that is when I mean ain't so fun. Are we how we recover our relationship are now. Go to learn polo field. I meg and I think it's gonna blow everybody out of the waterways. Her story that involves. Betweens. Swapping. Life roles. They get that right. Yeah. I it's pretty mega the sellers yours. Okay. Sold my sister got married about ten years ago and then auctioneers act and act. Her husband. Came out of the closet and Freddie would gauge wanted to divorce is he wanted to give up custody of their two year old son pitch and he wanted to move. From Atlanta to Oregon. To new demand that he'd met online. Hang right. So she kicked him out of the house and called meaning and to return which serve the next morning. The twin brother showed up. He had to rolled in from Orlando where he was gritty and told my sister attention to how we did not look very good to. Do you have her and he basically wanted to paint. Where his brother had. Let her down pretty much you there. So why. Howard basically between Brothers rock. Identities. So our original hug between moved to Oregon to do his own thing and it's hidden hand and then. Key. Single twin. Got a job transfer some Orlando to Chicago where he and my sister moved and started over out there and each claimed the original wedding day and that he's the father. My nephew and how they also have a kick our heels. That's one thing that is I think we think that this single where you want it moved out toward armed. Show you'll learn how your pairings and everybody here in year fairly bright you. Things that your sisters. Brother in law. Move door again to be weatherman. Yep. I was really her eyes and visit her ex husband and she's now married to her brother in law who's straight and always was in love with her. Yep suited she officially the movie did she divorce. Her husband's. And then marry the brother airlines secret and Hornaday supported brother edited your Brothers just swap identities. Did just swapping identity you like being swapped means could Social Security numbers they just basically treated like. And they did try to maintain friendships and everything but it was just too challenging so they pretty much. It was just too much confusion and moved to Chicago. Basically it made earned them. I'm not real so although it's so cool other news cool. It's it's cut they've told on several other new frame Louisiana this new friends that are all in Illinois a think that. There's just married waving yeah they they're married for ten years yeah. I would see kids and whenever he's got a gay brother and hard and an okay now wait a minute what about it they're child's. This two year old holding ever sell the two year old that that's not the bio dad. No I doubt it. I don't think so then you are right endlessly owns. It's identical to what the DNA is the same and they were to prove the case it was to. Where he held himself how long has it been since that happened. Not. A little and I mean they got married ten years ago it was a couple of years after they got buried so they've been together on an 88708. So as it ever almost come out like almost accidentally mowing the seeker comes out. You know oh my gosh are you the only one who knows the truth of the demand. These are dying now I think I mean the only one million dollars. Oh my god zero and then secret keeper back her other in the fact that you not only be higher radio show. Though that's the key for ever. Doubled and later release. You can Ari can I ask some questions that may be inappropriate OK so. It's they're identical twins. And you're sick late isn't there's some underlying. But did some need to go to therapy or something. I'm sure it doesn't life and laid you might very bad time. Vs surfers are needs some therapy because they see as a kid with each of two different twin Brothers. Just where and how different it is now. No way that that that leg outwards differently notes you know this. Maybe it's better. Fits the museum grain issue I picked the wrong plan yeah and now the other night time and now. I imagine that sort of feel like I mean. Just that's just on how it feels he can't. He's come back. I bit my job and I will thank you marry him well. Yeah I think you don't. And written questions or actually there's a I'm gonna think at 200 questioned the minute I had known about ai thanks a million. I guess we can move along from that topic we're gonna nested as I mean any feeling sick son I yeah. There is zero chance we will time Meghann whose brother in law's swapped roles as they're twins. Listen we. All learned to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.