Where is This Relationship Going: With Steph and Mike Part 1

Thursday, March 30th

They've been dating for TEN YEARS and she's starting to wonder if they're ever going to take the next step..

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shell all the now. Errors this relationship goes way. Say hi to staff. I staff. Okay. I know it's a. AM the Garnett. Had so you wanna ask the question where is this relationship going. Yes. As you like it it's about time actually may be a little past time but the situation is. Mean MMX in my cabinet together. Consumer clean sounds like ten years now and you know. We know we don't live together. He hasn't proposed. I mean it kind of like well you know it's been ten years under thirty years to kind of time there Tigger I'll you know what it then the next step but that is our you know. Just kind of wondering what's happening. Steps you not brought that up in ten years. Yeah I mean it's kind of like we haven't had a problem Ernie being in Reno. It literally had yet until the big trio came and maybe it's time to ask questions. You guys getting in live together. You know it's. Easier family like light in the world is going on. We may do medallion. On top of everything in our and everything all at times I mean at least about a half now I'm kind of starting just. Wonder. Women can be incredibly patients. Larry and me. Ten years so it just out of curiosity every year like on your birthday or Valentine's Day are around your anniversary. Or Christmas like when when the holidays roll around are you say this is it's gonna happen and. I mean sometimes I'm thinking like maybe they'll just call it a complete surprise out of nowhere. But you know acknowledge you usually get out of it you know they're really that little person that I can't believe he did get a complete disrespect. Is it maintain well. Consecutive uninterrupted years are you it was like your foreign tried you guys on a break or something. No no no ten consecutive years I think consecutive years of exclusivity. A ten year white red and pink drink it and. You know it we have literally fight to mud you know Bert Bert we're gonna do right now exists. In their martyr. So when we ask the question where is this relationship going where you wanted to go oh you wanted to go to live together you want to go to marriage. You know to. You mean like lynching and a higher I don't know I just know that there's something coming alert and we're just going to be doing much stronger. I have kids see other. And it no hitter now that's it and does kids yet. Well that's not high making its path a path that's. Sidestep him what others and I discretion is gonna sounds mean and it is a little signs at tea up front this is kind of but has there ever been a time when you thought you who's about to propose. But it turned out. I. Yeah it and then that's really it happened it happened to me once it's already on his speed like. Yeah hyped up and and it's kind of like it and I'll just tell them blogger summit LA I've you know done I think that the governing. I when that happens do you column on that leg when you guys hang out do you say. Do. Or say. I think after ten years you can say any thing you want. It. Isn't like your best friends mean do you feel like you guys are best friends and soul mates he's here he's your dude. Keyboard and and and obviously I am the you have to really do that the. I have a crap by the way it works is we are gonna call him up. And you'll be able to hear the conversation but you won't be able to participate. We'll ask him the question and then we come back to you get your response. Arie and our rights will put you on hold right now welcome back in like three minutes and pick up staff. And on her behalf. Call Mike and ask him where their relationship of ten years. Is going what are you thinking ten. I'm just thinking she's really patient cash. In during the live together. The command level is just that he says point they say boy and a girl on ten years hello who is crazy we can call us. You can show I'll star.