Where is This Relationship Going: With Steph and Mike Part 2

Thursday, March 30th

They've been dating for TEN YEARS and she's starting to wonder if they're ever going to take the next step..

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Star in 941 that. We been talking this asked about her relationship with my age even get a for ten ears. And and don't even lets the other she wants us to ask the question where is this relationship going. If you weren't a gas staffer time how he's going to respond to what he's gonna say what do you think he's doing their bit at. To answer what do you think is answers going to me. I just Donna too where positive you know like not Leah I have another girlfriend like nothing ably bat. He can't be okay and thunderbird a positive situation. Every what do you think he's gonna say. If you like. Is he going to be like this is so weird radio stations calling me. I've been. I mean even call I think going to be got to think they might have the next step. I I we're gonna put you on hold right now and we're gonna call up my eight and ask him the question. Where is it's. Relationship going. You know sometimes I'm afraid we're gonna release something and I has planned. At this time. Have finished on a. Hey my eight. It out on. A dead thanks for second Suez instead and Jeff for the jet engines don't read you went. Very well I'm sorry and I gagged so we spent some time this morning and talk in a win it's your girlfriend Stephanie. Aren't and she seeks really highly viewed she's at your her dude. And it yeah her best friend and soul mate and all that good stuff and they guys have been together for many years. Neo. And on her behalf. It's pocono does cover him with. About our relationship. Let's start. Opening. The conversation because he's like burning at. An arm for a guy to guy I just curious. Why a ten years without a ring. I unload them. I mean I'm I'm really really relaxed about the getting married to hang it obvious it's policy don't seem I don't see a rush I'm not you know trying to try to put stuff together. In your article as I don't wanna make sure that. I'm doing everything right you know that we do in all that we just know we're ready for you know. Well after ten years so you think you know if you're ready for that next level command. Yeah mainly you know I mean I know there are already or it's just it is you know it in the range and change. Any saint. Yeah it's it's it's like. And I just it's not really you know a top priority army. I have read a out their site about like young couples not feeling like a marriage commitment is as important would you want to live together with Eric. How loved it and I'd love to eventually you know. Well the other. The event you know let's get about marriage yeah of those things that. You're hesitant about in general just institution to institution of marriage sure. Yeah and another thing Q I mean if you don't temerity ticket course. Are your do you have allotted to worsen your family or you and a child of a contentious divorce or some thing. Now not now my parents to the other. I'm not I'm not afraid of it you know but just you know on that same which is that we added pressure of getting married it's. What is your family think about your relationship with sat. Candidate. All the famous stuff that's fine. And they don't give you any pressure to marry her. My mom does. Not much that. She can unfortunate but it. Ready for a grand kids. Yeah I think she and that she wants to see something like that I got my sister. Yeah. I may say that kind of half joking that Mike would you be open having kids with staff. Before marriage. Probably not now. A pack. And are you worried at all about the message that now. Proposing to her might be sending to her leg. That she's glad our priority right now on the eve and she hasn't. The better priority they're giving she's out actually Larry to ask. We table that question and ask this one do you think it's a priority for her. To be married and have kids soon. I don't really think so I don't think bench. Something she. Really worried about she didn't seem you know she's like that's a priority for her either. Just as an FYI she called the radio station that has a segment called where is this relationship going. Are so that does. Indicate there's some level of concern. The world to know that. Solved your tunnel. And. Well mean I think that she seemed really laid back as far as I could ask her attitude her approach in everything has really laid back so. I think if living together would be the next step for you I think they'll make her really happy and would be. Obviously less than the marriage step. But where are more of the we're just going into year number eleven do on the same thing we did the last tent. Yeah. Analogous to an amendment to assist night. And top priority his side and some other things going on. But my job and make sure you know everything went assassination attempt to try to. I think she steps. I at Iowa thank you my eye for the time we appreciate it yeah strike dates are yet okay they care. Colonel why cad but this time law I don't know role. Again after that I don't know you'd bug me. After that long you felt like he should have been more like Macon clintons play seems yes I don't know he just bug me. All right we're gonna come back in three minutes we'll talk to Stephanie. Who our staff factories they name right now without the staff who just I got to hear the entire conversation turned his son when you get to work and get and so consider roll over. Funds starring Eddie affordable line.