Where is This Relationship Going: With Steph and Mike Part 4

Thursday, March 30th

They've been dating for TEN YEARS and she's starting to wonder if they're ever going to take the next step..

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NHL all star for our everybody's tired about stuff and I might they have been exclusively dating for ten years she's ready to see if he wants more. And it doesn't have a good ultimatums you ultimatums actually. Floor via a bunch of people who actually did that will get to those calls here. In 12 but frank has fired up. Today you're wrong guys are you are. Great boot it's Burton law. Big guy do you have psychological problems. Are you just doesn't really want to do is girl doesn't take you get three years to figure out. If you below is life like as creepy that is true. That they're not in the next year that a lot of women who are light units. But. Artillery and all of aren't. Oh well I mean he never picked the right main the main has to pick the warm. Why is missing now I'm glad elaborate on that a little bit frank plane that theory. Well look I know what happened live. Women pick a may have made like oh we got chemistry you blinding. We're grade in all income that they very well you know men and women who Marion Barry is saying did he did. Did he beat the mother much out in C do this QG dude like you can be slightly this greater where Marbury is I'm am a big goal mini war always choose the right woman. Along the militants threatening. How. Ready this is my woman he has Kramer. Now leaving a mark here begin this guy ultimatum is. Is that it's really truly thought this Burl they'll do everything you need that that what. There won't be no questions. They're not leaving his you know alert. This long long it lol look we gotta give merit we gotta get there that if you give them all married or so I'm the third bush. How does that order or no ban all and then she knows right. I cannot understand can hear you know who two years. You know shoot she did do one moody book. But it didn't doubt there will now we get mayors. Idaho I pull out okay Francona did share information as we're gonna explore that a warming theory never pick the math theory because. I eight IE I don't like the idea of the whole claiming anything by it. I think a lot of people say when the fundamental differences as. Is that women plan for what's ahead in May and live in the now. And as far as that goes he's I think the opposite but I think it kind of works because a lot of women will pigment based on their potential. They'll be like I really think you know we could be getting good together and all of his flaws will slowly work on overtimes a lot of girls will hold out relationships. Because they're likely future like tilt get there one day he'll get there one day whereas a lot of men like she's not perfect right now unveiling. And I think a lot I don't think I can possible but I think a lot of girls could learn from that. Like this it's an interesting theory I don't agree with all of it has I do think it's possible from and to pick the wrong woman. Definitely it. Rare show and act worth. Welcome to cry hey hey hey herself. Yet so I gave my boyfriend of fifteen years and older medium. Ultimatum and then we benched even happily married for the last warriors. What was your ultimatum he said let's do it now or never. So we are high school sweetheart and he ritual or cheers we had a child he's turning nine in had a two year old and I just tried you know let. We really need to get married or are we need to do something different it is. There's just too much for both older and and we need to figure out what we're gonna do with our life which. And so easy sick of talking about it I have a friend who. Has two children with her boyfriend and she's like at and I keep asking you know. You guys gonna get married and she's like I want to but I'm exhausted by the conversation up bring yeah. Those conversations of the worst in the one readers like I tiring having in mind let's get through these last couple calls so we can get this Six Flags against. Bridget Europe. Hey. At least activities and sympathetic towards my battle I knew that it went well play. We Wear a pretty keen on the detect it being look at it it. Hit tech ate it it apparent. I'm an. I'm not a well I think we are not peek at very few Contra. I need it now at ten and eight. I don't know she she actually admitted to do it without him and how that goal in the year. I like where you're saying Bridget if you are trying to get your guide to settle down by a house for the two of yeah. And once you buy him real estate you can offer him something valuable and Dan and I am yeah right now you heard something and thanks Bridget. All local share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.