You Thought You Knew But You Had No Idea Part 1

Wednesday, November 30th


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Start making this wedge to the chest congestion. On star and not before one. This is the Japanese game show and start any form one of OJ though she's still at the hospital it. We've baby Reese who had surgery and it's doing really really well and her fingers crossed that should be back with us tomorrow morning. Yet and you're stuck with me until then that's an ad just got a brain rebounds and coming up it's -- minute he's on a woman who is. Planning a holiday party with the holidays in prisons being right on the corner. Just in a plane and different at a holiday party we're talking about July 4 I think if in December. Coming out of any minute. I'd meet some people they just hop on the front 4047419400. Team gets on gets hit it like I people. Put him on hold. Beacon news. Something happens. Where I made fun of somebody in Rupp and go figure I didn't I make fun and my I hate about it somebody in a group and then a couple other people in the group. Were as confused as the original exit and you are making him a whole idea I've really Sobel. IE. I don't I don't want to insult anybody but I am going so that's it's I'm about to insults on the but I just wanna get some people hold them and ask you guys in the room among urgently street and that the phone lines and antsy. Who's right here's the tree where target. OK that was how it was conversation group of people. About traveling. Eons. One person in is going summer international. In in the group. And the country week required of visa and visited that country. And they say that they applied for the same waiting to hear back and then once. He's a comes back it normally takes you know X number of weeks and went back and read and am. You know and then she was like I'm an out and track. And that says the girl. In the group that had me. Then made fun of fade. Well you know if you're gonna get easier on what probably am. Sure I'll get it usually spend money and that and the plaintiff would have played. And she says it. What don't you know what your credit scores. Own inane. Lone grove was I have have to do with it. And she said. Well you're playing for a visa. Became just noted irrigated or not. These then are your credited. In years ago. I know I am different does it down or bat did you hit hysteria just so. I didn't look at the and they dirt area. OK and that's that I some have basically I was having a conversation with a woman who's who's traveling and she's waiting for her visa to come back. And somebody who is listening in and that conversation said when he died but it trip now because if you got a good credit score. You know you're gonna need visa. Do you know what went wide Wyatt made fun of her. It is what happened. That happened. As you know I mean honor. I totally get it it's not signing it but I get it. It's viewed you had better jokes that I I would have given you a gracious chuckle it wasn't a joke. The girls and oh she says that he made on where. I made fun of her for not knowing the difference between these all are well and I look at Latin irritates yeah. I would do well on where I'm edits the idea it is ending and it turned on the radio side. OK so Joseph so I hate it that I laughed. And eighth and made fun or is it won't because it's what I do there's. Can't hold that note accelerators that it's actually can assess the I haven't had them. I have a well I'll tell you who doesn't know that for other people in the group they all thought that when you traveled internationally thanks for helping. Our. My arm Merriam did you know what I was talking about did you get the joke to get earned her. I had I had I had the same thing I have only talked of the very lucky that it if you keep it brief recap all of the beauty and possible. She's she said that she was waiting for her visa that commands issued a travel internationally. And somebody in the group said well we have a good credit score what are you worried about you'll definitely get your visa. And I said. I made fun of the girl who brought up the credit score because. Yeah yeah. Yeah yeah thank you again. Exactly. The united that. Or people in the group did a lot of four people on the did you tell there's different types of these what we all it's half the group explained it to the other half. Did you do law also laughing at how dumb idea. I say it I'm like oh what I thought. She's joke I pay a good credit cards. No seriously if you'll get a credit hurt your credit scores over seven diamond or whatever it she had some you know act that she you know. Our powers hundreds about the act and Cadillac and then I was on my dad your theory is geez yeah. And it. Visa credit card when you travel you don't get points for yeah I use it uniting the credit tightening of he's that. And then like somebody else in the group said seriously. In vain. But now there's a couple of is making putted to a bomb in the in the breast of the group like always being in tune with the other two people. Were people in a group probably and 40% of the group rock like I swear to god in order to travel internationally. You head credit card. Oh. Was near earth. Alcohol involved with these people that matter is that act as an a drunken mistake he's in your one beer and you don't know the difference between the visa visa. And is that so have you does this person that you're making fun of them right now. Are we all of this first I hope we do hope that ask you that it later so I am yeah. So. Okay. Is Elise who is in the right who's in the wrong. Release it then aren't. Because I mean it is he said that the way I did died last an hour and a half to get on the law. Because and my group that trend on the slow and I'm bill like this important law and one. Obviously the wind in Atlanta. My good friend let them done the same exact thing that you. And just like me son of I just had to get online just a light laugh and I'm and a host and let them be I'm innocent so it and it's probably need her now. Then you'll probably impaired. I thank you hey Billy. Hey. They don't I actually had the same situation about a month to bill. And why it was actually my family and my two sisters were right well yeah I don't yet have a seven point nine and unlike. Little itch. No it's. At least not being you don't have etched in any sport to. Judy aid clinic are. So your sticks your sisters thought it was this was the thing. Oh. Well if we did anything else on the show today I would like to say that we have educated and yes that you will not make this mistake in a group setting. He visa. Is two different things it is a credit card that allows you to make purchases and then paid for the overtime you know and it is separately it is a document that some countries require entry. You can use travel. In our national debt and apply for a visa to go to a certain country. And that has nothing to use your credit score you'd get a credit card and it has nothing to do with going to visit. We'll meet each. Some out of a similarity. These cards student at different times that you and I can't point I don't know whatever you and travelling visas using it different kinds like where all our. You know other ones who isn't he got an ear for I don't know I just around the happier right now. Real comprehension. At I'm just glad manager. Who's who's. In case you haven't heard it today we look down. And no one noticed that colonies on enhancing the discovery of the jumping ship show star and 841.