You Thought You Knew But You Had No Idea Part 2

Wednesday, November 30th


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Yeah. So are quiet. I'm what I'm about to view Kelly chief yeah benefit you it's to help you out because there is comfort in numbers and we've got a little sign here hang and we can use the numbers. Of people who listen to the show. All fourteen of. I expect to make that field. And then what I at his old job mayor nutter and OK man and a 108 and a net and you're three day hangovers private issue at that set off. I had this chance to do we had this story I told about forty minutes ago. About a friend of mine this is let us talk about what you also on the economic period coming out about everyday hang of this is that original. Art and act. SLI. I I was in a group of people and the subject of international travel came out in and one of the people in the group applied for a visa. To go to a country that we required is a reason for entry. And I've somebody else in the group I'm. Began making comments related credit score and you know when you apply for a visa whether he would and he gave me. And it turns out that of the group of people four people. Thought that the the document that some countries require for entry is the same is. The piece of plastic collage paper for items over not the same after he had process through different things there is a Visa credit card and then there is a visa travel. And so I I'd made out of and that felt bad hammy fun because people didn't know. The difference between QBs wages is a really nice thing is saying he had no idea of them your friends are so so in what what I was thinking is like what one that was really get that we did this and that contention because it was education. We didn't have attacked I Albertine educate anybody and on January issue. OK so let me down I knew the difference between the Sunnis as I did then but I say confided in Jeff. After we went off air so let him though and I am that and military have arm items in the military not a lot. I hope I do to get the phone number and it's for a day or 7419400. Because the intent of this is widening. Comfort in numbers right now though we can have other people joining you and make you feel better. In two it's also educational. Right so perhaps weak it. Teach people something me like a difference between a Visa credit card a travel visa or in your case. Yes so I admit to any school I wasn't ever really religious I was in high school and a friend of mine was I when you don't go to church killing now. And that you've never been saved and I'll like all yeah actually I nearly drowned in upon one time and I'd rather eichel dove in and saved me. And Jesus looked at me I got to look at is probably the same way you look to your friends like I was an idiot. And I had no idea why yeah outlet and she has no X saved you know church. You know I've never been in trouble at church and kind of and I now. Are currently being saved. And I got pet pet at. It's comfort in numbers. 40474194. And if you would like to inmates. Or share. What you learned as it is and as a grown up. Save me I think that it didn't hit it might better serve you finding out. Yeah again via that unit that. Fax 4047. Or 19400. As try to make counties feel. Peachtree City and all over its yeah. Demonstrate how little early enough you just enjoy and Shia on stellar no need for a long line.