You Thought You Knew But You Had No Idea Part 3

Wednesday, November 30th


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Switches on installing a so. We'll segment that we like to do from time to time called this comfort in numbers. We'll take your phone calls have co chiefs feel a little bit battery here and just just a second have trampled hang on and if you. Participate and number 4047419400. Yeah on the floor forget I'll buy your genetic tickets today if on Sunday this Sunday Monday December 4 it's that we get James bay and ambassadors Charlie foods and train in me so much fun hot on start running for one Atlanta dot com. Use the code of Grady can say forty bucks on your ticket and come party with us. I says Kelly cheese. I've followed up a story that we told earlier about some heated know the difference between travel visa and of these credit card. And actually now before we even get to yours and let's. Grabbed him he Janice. This happened you in Europe it's great. Yeah I tell tell your story isn't in it and it ties into the one that started well. Okay now the gap within about hit parade and my mom had a friend that terrible and she's gotten back. Around the Africa. Comment or ask my mom why she didn't. Very long because she played on through weeks at a time Mitch. I'm on saw that movie alien out I asked why she didn't get a MasterCard. We'll. And oh that's good. Isn't it. Let the record show you're in the eighth grade your right hand man. I'm in and tell you she's that out talking about. Safe yeah got invited church and I had never and then the girls he'd never been saved us again now I have I almost on an upon and my brother pulled me out save me. And that's silent differences he Jesus they've camped on you and your payments and here. Brother Matt. Matt. Terror outlawed under the channel. Oh right there's comfort in numbers let's let's make everybody feel better way what happened year old. I can't believe I'm admitting it on the radio. I've read that you learn that. At the Washington Redskins are in fact from BP and not from Washington State. My eight I've been like that at gain. The vikings and that into you and I wasn't sure what that's like he would check them in mentally. And then and it hurts me because every other NF LT. Is based on the city that and and not the day on my. But even I'll support that you know that would be easy. I do you like an added and I had a yeah well covered in numbers we got your back yeah. Well OK he. Jeff and Lil burn welcomed the Asia. What happened you know. You. Did you think it ironic it was just like they did you grew word for Christmas something. Else. Like different terminology for the holiday how did you find out. Well I'd like. Fleury they're Brothers but they do yep. Maybe it's always told me that I uncle encrypt that with the same thing. So it is the Jewish presence. As I never thought about it and despite what the school someplace that it ultimately. So. We don't promote color of the public. Good I'm also has little or no. Are your children all day. They. I'd thank you thanks Jeff especially if you're Jewish agent known and I had met Mary Monica. And actually. Is calling out her boyfriend you wanna use the name half clearly human. The men on an entity within the guys in the morning awesome talent thank you. Like we do. Thought you were not card and I want knowledgeable about cards and can play the kinda sad but it had been. He had a different league and it UE and the city and you've got to with a brand car. Oh he didn't know that. Edit them. You talk like that Toyota sedan was the same as that term and corolla. I can't think yeah I didn't really and I did delay you know it below late. Yeah like is it just to Dahmer now I can't even acknowledge this group. But I'll let you play. You need to learn about cars. At least he didn't pronounce them let I innovators genus of animus of and tennis clothes and Bobby married Cynthia. And I think we got I had a co worker one time Kelly that she doesn't pay taxes because she gets every and every year. And I asked her how much they withheld that years you sent 5000 at how much later refunds at five under like that you 84000 dollar attack. All you ruined it for error. Into the a home. About going your whole life like that that you would never hate taxis. Have like this you don't know the arm and I company that. Be careful do you say that around if I I Nikki if they give me the the last comment will continue this conversation I'm faced the aid we got. I. Am about eating out the rest and I worked out of the girls that are at. We are to abstain Christmas reindeer and he had informed me that she just found out every year real because they did that I watched every year thing. I didn't shock and I think they would they don't quiet. It's human even when he you don't get and I. And I love them back here to clarify whether or not they fly clip at firm and handled it you don't know reindeer it out on a clear. And as. Next up on the jet's engines. Let's everybody's aren't there are comforted numbers I feel a lot. Better I feel free to share yours on honor they've been made between them to keep the conversation go blurry doesn't feel like you're we have a gruesome. Your son when you get to work and its consultants in a row every hour on starring Eddie affordable line.