Kristen Johnston Mourns the Death of Her Sister Who 'Lost Her Battle With Addiction'

Actress Kristen Johnston is mourning the loss of her sister, Julie Herschede, who lost her battle with addiction at the age of 51. See Johnston’s Twitter post dedicated to her sister.
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Harmless Addictions

Curtis has a serious problem with sugar-free Red Bull...
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Is Chapstick Addiction A Thing?

Jeff thinks it's ridiculous, but it sounds like there's some serious truth to it.
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What's With La Croix?

Jeff's wife Calle has joined countless others in this crazy addiction. What's so great about it?!
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Pokemon Go

Pokemon GO Support Group

Our own Intern Alexa opened up to us about her Pokémon GO addiction this morning. She even told us she got in trouble at her other job for playing on the clock! So, we opened the Pokémon GO help line for all you other addicts & the calls flooded in like Pokémon in Marietta Square at 4AM. LOL,...
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