Adults Have Accidents Too

What else can you do when there's nowhere to go?
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When Did You HAVE to Say Something?

Ever see a parent doing something so wrong you just HAD to stand up and say something?
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Where Were You Conceived?

Director JP told us his parents over-shared the other day when they told him he was conceived on a houseboat. Where Were You Conceived Part 1 A snow storm, a lawn chair, and a what? Where You Were Conceived Part 2 People are getting scandelous with their parenst and grandparents around?! And did he...
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Guy in Car

Car Color Horoscope

Ever wonder what your car color says about you?! Jenn found an article that gives some insight on why you might have chosen your car color and how the color relates to you. Jeff, Producer David, & Producer Kelly Cheese got their car color horoscopes read to them & they were all pretty spot...
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Jenn's Note

Jenn's Note: Creepy or Sweet?

On the way out of the grocery store yesterday Jenn found a note on her car complimenting her smile, how sweet! Or wait, is it creepy? Jeff definitely thinks it's creepy and tried to explain why but Jenn still thinks it's sweet. Jenn's Note: Creepy or Sweet? Our listeners called in and we...
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Flat Tire

Final Destination: It Was Meant to Be

Ever felt like you dodged a bullet? Like something told you, "hey you..take three steps to the right," & then BAM a tree falls right where you were standing before?? Our own Jeff Dauler had a date with fate on Monday morning. He's been offering to take his fiancee, Callie's car in for a long...
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Road Trip

The Best Road Trip Songs!

It's that time of year again! Grab your friends, hop in the car, roll the windows down, & turn up the jams! Here's a list of our favorite road trip songs from Jeff, Jenn, Marino, David, & Kelly -- buckle up & enjoy! Jeff Deee-Lite "Groove Is In The Heart" Video of Deee-Lite - "...
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UPDATE: Now Jeff it Totally Messing with Golf Cart Greg

UPDATE: Jeff took Jenn's advice and blew up Golf Cart Greg's voicemail with some ridiculous messages. Golf Cart Greg Update Jeff called the guy and told him he'd give him everything in his wallet, all $11 and a Papa John's coupon. That didn't go over quite so well, so the guy is threatening to call...
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Meanest Mom

Mean Moms: Is Your Mom Meaner?

A woman is calling herself the "world's meanest mom" for putting her daughter's truck on Craigslist because her daughter acted up too many times. But is your mom even meaner than that? Our listeners tell us their own mean mom stories.
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Mean Mom

Mean Moms Go Crazy!

A woman is calling herself the "world's meanest mom" for putting her daughter's truck on Craigslist because her daughter acted up too many times. Jeff and Jenn shared the mean things that their parents did to them, but one caller said his mom played a mean prank on him when he was only 4! To hear...
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