cat song

A Cat Song Request For A Homeless Kitty

Melissa is hoping a cat song for the homeless kitty she found will help convince her husband to let the family give the kitty a new home. Cat Song Request for a Homeless Kitty Part 1 We put together a pretty awesome cat song to try and help this kitty out. Cat Song Request for a Homeless Kitty Part...
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A Cat Song For Mickle

Meet Mickle, the soulful cat-dog. Cat Song For Mickle Part 1 We knew Mickle needed a cat song after talking with his owners so we delivered. Cat Song For Mickle Part 2 Cat Song For Mickle Part 2
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It's Caturday!

To celebrate National Cat Day 2016 (aka #Caturday) our Producer Jeannine put together all of our best cat songs so far. She kicked it off with our first ever -the original- cat song we did. It's Caturday Part 1 This next one is pretty darn good too, if you ask us. It's Caturday...
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A Cat Song For Ralphie

Allison called us a few days ago and told us about her friend Lindsey and Lindsey's cat Ralphie. Ralphie has an interesting story and is most definitely deserving of a cat song so we made it happen. Buckle up, this one could be our best work yet. Cat Song For Ralphie If you'd like a cat song made...
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A Cat Song Request for Creature the Polydactyly Cat

Kristina called in a told us about a very special cat named Creature that she thinks is worthy of a cat song. Cat Song Request For Creature the Polydactyly Cat Tune in Monday for another instant cat song hit about our new friend Creature. Meow.
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A Cat Song For A Special Cat Wedding

We've got another instant hit cat song for Moonpie & Maddux, the soon to be newlyweds! Cat Song for Kim 9.19.16
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A Very Special Cat Song For Gus Gus

We've got a cat song for our new furry friend Gus Gus but this isn't just a cat song. It's also an extra special message from Jessica to her sweet friend Adrienne. Gus Gus Cat Song 09.12.16.mp3
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Cat Song

Cat Song for Bethany and Fiona

Bethany called in ripping into Jeff and Jenn for their cat songs and other content. She thought the cat songs are so stupid, and she can't believe they get paid to make stuff like that. She wanted to speak to our boss, Mike Fowler, so Jeff "transferred" her. In reality, he just picked up the phone...
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Kaitlyn Wants a Cat Song for Rutlee!

UPDATE: We officially have a cat song for Rutlee! Kaitlyn messaged us on Facebook after hearing our previous cat songs, and she wanted us to do a song for her cat, Rutlee. After getting all the details about Rutlee, we made him a song to the tune of Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-A-Lot! Rutlee's...
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Jeff and Jenn Have ANOTHER Cat Song!

UPDATE: We put together a song for Dana's cat, Mouse. We incorporated all of the details and characteristics of Mouse into one song, and it is to the tune of Flo Rida's "My House". Why did we do this? Because we are now the official cat song station of course! Song for Mouse the Cat Dana called in...
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