Three-Year-Old Girl and Dog Rescued After Being Lost in Woods for 24 Hours

A Wisconsin toddler has been safely reunited with her family after having gone missing for 24 hours. Three-year-old Abigail Ladwig was reported missing by her mother after being last seen wandering off with the family dog.
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stephanie davis smith

COVID Parenting: How to Manage Work, Homeschool, and More

Working Mom and Atlanta VP Stephanie Davis Smith shares her expert tips on managing back-to-school stress.
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Group Therapy: Concern For A Vegan Kid

The whole family's vegan, but their child hates vegetables and is always tired. Do you say something out of concern? Or do you keep your mouth shut?
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Group Therapy: Manners Are Free

Are you allowed to discipline other people's kids? Or does Mark owe his neighbors an apology?
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Forgive or Forget: My Kid is a Biter

Allison just wanted to ask Mandy for forgiveness!
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Missed the Mark: Kissing Your Child in Public

Mark was approached by a stranger and he is fired up over it.
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Ghost Hunting: Alyssa and Brittney

Alyssa is worried her husband has a secret child!
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My Kind of Crazy: Monitoring My Kids

To creep or not to creep.
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My Kind of Crazy: Fashionista Kids

If your kid has to be the most stylish, this one's for you!
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All The Feels: Survivor Stories

In honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, Jenn is sharing how she and CHOA have teamed up to help families of survivors.
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