Group Therapy: No, I'm Not Pregnant

How do you recover after assuming your friend is pregnant when she absolutely isn't?
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Ghosthunting: Brian and Holly

They've been "exclusive" for six months, but Holly won't call Brian back.
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#ParentingForReal: The Kid-Blurt Edition

These parents were horrified after their kid blurted out the WORST possible thing in public.
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How'd You Accidentally Set Yourself On Fire?

So many burnt-off eyebrows...
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I Can't Take Them Anywhere

These stories of embarrassing people are too much. Humming during movies, fake-falling everywhere you go, the list goes on...
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A Ghosthunting Request for a Son's Prom Date

A dad wants find out why his son's prom date is ghosting. I mean, should we even agree to this one?
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...And Then, There Was a Fart.

You might think you're too mature to laugh, but you'd be wrong...
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You're Banned From the Work Holiday Party

Jeff asked Jenn & the ladies of the show about something he read recently. You're Banned From the Work Holiday Party Part 1 Sam called in and told us why she isn't allowed to bring her husband to any work events ever. You're Banned From the Work Holiday Party Part 2 He licked...
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