feel good fitness

Feel Good Fitness with Jenn Hobby: Week of Oct. 5

5 tips to get your best sleep!
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jenn hobby

Group Therapy: 3 Generations, No Time Alone

Jenn Hobby's got lots of family in the house and she's desperate to find some time alone with her husband.
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harry connick jr

Harry Connick Jr. Joins Jenn & Friends!

The film star (and now music star as well!) joins the show to talk family, rom-coms, sports, and the story behind his new music.
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Group Therapy: The Longest Road Trip

He wants to throw the family in an RV and travel for a whole year! But she thinks he's out of his mind.
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Group Therapy: Catching Up With Curtis

Did Curtis ever help his friends have a baby? ​With the last few months being as hectic as they've been, the show's taking time to give some updates on what people might've missed.
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board game

Group Therapy: Banning Board Games

We all know how quickly game night can turn ugly, so what happened to get Scrabble banned from your family?
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Group Therapy: Should They Stay Or Should They Go

Our listener is staying home with a friend who wants to break quarantine for a family event, how do they handle keeping everyone safe?
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Group Therapy: Do I Owe My Friends My Swimmers?

Group Therapy Update: Will Curtis be an Uncle?

Life can be tough sometimes, especially when it comes to starting a family. Not only does starting a family require a lot of planning, but sometimes getting the family started is difficult for couples too. That's where close friends can play a huge part in helping get a family started. Curtis was...
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A Christmas Miracle!

A Christmas Miracle!

UPDATE: It's a Christmas Miracle! Thank you to EVERYONE who helped give this family the Christmas they never knew they would have. Thanks to you, to Northstar, and to so many others, this family has a home of their own. They had no idea what was about to happen, and they heard it live the same time...
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Everyday Heroes: Hawaii Vacation

Jenn found your good news story today!
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