When Did You Realize You Were Going to Get Fired?

Sometimes things happen and you just KNOW.
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Confess Your Crush: Drew and Maggie

She fired him, but he still wants to confess his crush!
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Have you ever fired your client?

Jeff has a friend hairstylist in Woodstock who recently had to do this after her client wanted red hair then regretted it!
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My Kind of Crazy: Pretty Please, Fire Me!

Bridget is doing everything she can to get fired.
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Chariots of Fired

You know you've been Chariots of Fired when... Chariots of Fired
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Mad Bride

Disinvited to a Wedding: Should Kat Do It?

How exactly do you go about UN-inviting someone to your wedding? Listener Kat called us and she needs to uninvite a former co-worker who has already RSVP'd. Uh oh, this could be awkward. This co-worker always caused drama, so much so that she was fired. Kat wants to avoid any drama at her wedding,...
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You're Fired

This One Sentence Got Me Fired

We’ve all had that breaking point where we just want to say something smart back to our bosses. Well, these people have, including Assistant Producer Kelly who told her former boss, “I am not your punching bag”. And they all got fired for it. One Line and You're Fired Here are more calls...
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