Group Therapy: No, I'm Not Pregnant

How do you recover after assuming your friend is pregnant when she absolutely isn't?
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Group Therapy: The Accidental Text UPDATE

To summarize: Mark tried to fix things but made everything worse, and then he got lectured by an angry friend!
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Group Therapy: I Don't Want A New Job

Would you judge your friend for wanting to stay unemployed instead of finding a new job?
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Does That Make Me Crazy: Imaginary Friend

A listener reached out to ask if it's crazy to have an imaginary friend as an adult!
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Daily Inspo: It's Okay to Ask for Help

This week's daily inspo is all about friendship. And it's okay to ask for help!
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DJ Shockley Joins the Show

Mark brought a friend onto the show!
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UPDATE: Jeff Wants To Play Matchmaker

He just needs Jenn's permission first!
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Baby, baby, baby.....NO!

Kelly's friend just had a baby and she REALLY wants to meet them!
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Jeff's Unusual Dream

Jeff had a dream that one of his loved ones died after they threw themselves off a building.
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How Do You Help A Friend Get Through Their Cancer Diagnosis?

Jenn needs your advice!
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