Help! My Husband Wants to Give Out Hand Sanitizer for Halloween!

We hear from our Jr Framily Members as they give their opinion on this very important matter.
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#GirlProblems: Halloween Edition!

Finding glitter on you after 2 weeks.....#girlproblems
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In The Loop: October 30,2018

Election Day Is One Week From Today! Barack Obama and President Trump are visiting Georgia in the next week to campaign for their candidates. Have you voted? https://www.11alive.com/article/news/politics/elections/barack-obama-to-campaign-for-stacey-abrams-in-atlanta/85-609243633 Do You Live Next...
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Spooky halloween background. scary pumpkin with burning eyes

Make Your Halloween a Sustainable One

Tips on including sustainability in every holiday, even Halloween!!
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The Best Wines To Pair With Your Halloween Candy

Moscato And Starbursts For Everyone
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Warts And All: Check Out Starbucks' New Witch's Brew Drink For Halloween

The latest holiday drink comes with toad's breath and chia seeds
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In The Loop: October 26, 2018

Everything you need to know, and probably a few Atthings you don't.
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Halloween, Jimmy Kimmel

Watch Kids’ Hilarious Reactions to Meeting Michael Myers

Why just take your kids trick-or-treating when you can leave them absolutely terrified and likely scarred for life?
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The Vajury: Princess Problems!

Do you agree or disagree?
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Help! I'm Dating A Candy Stealer!

What should Jessica do?
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