Confess Your Crush: Flora and Shawn

A swing and a MAJOR miss!
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Weirdest Things You've Seen Drivers Do

What are y'all doing out there!? Eating cereal? Watching movies? Driving with your KNEES!?
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What The Florida

It may be the Sunshine State, but Jenn's home state sure has some dull criminals.
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Kid with iPad

Jenn Needs Help with Technology

​Jenn's three year old, Lauren, is already a pro at using an iPad, but Jenn hasn't figured it out yet. Since Lauren knows how to use the iPad, Jenn needs a way of protecting it so Lauren doesn't stumble on something she shouldn't. Parenting Hack 101, help! Jenn Needs Help with Technology There was...
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Haunted House

Revenge on Your Ex: It's a Haunted House!

What epic ways have you gotten revenge on your ex? This listener story blew us away! Taylor couldn’t wait to tell us her brother’s ingenious story of revenge. Taylor’s brother recently moved out of the house he shared with his now ex-girlfriend. But while he was still living there, he managed to...
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