Mazda of Roswell Car Giveaway 2018

PHOTOS: Jeff & Jenn and Mazda of Roswell gave Cynthia a BRAND NEW CAR!

We teamed up with our friends at Mazda of Roswell and wanted to honor someone that has had a tough time of it and yet still done good for the community and those around them, and wow, we found the PERFECT person in Cynthia. 700 submissions came in... 700! You guys nominated some amazing people and...
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We Came, We Conquered, We Celebrated!

The Not So Cook Kids hung out with Arthur Blank at the Atlanta United parade yesterday!
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In The Loop: December 10th, 2018

We won! Woohoo!
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Breaking and Entering Christmas 2018!

PHOTOS: Breaking & Entering Christmas 2018!

We wake up and thank God every single morning that we get to do what we do. We are in a position to change people's lives and we take that VERY seriously. We teamed up with Ackerman Security , Chris 180, Quest, Dinner A'fare and so many more to deliver Christmas to one family that would have had...
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WATCH: The Jeff & Jenn Show's Breaking & Entering 2018!

Every day we wake up and thank God for our jobs. But on days like this, we just shake our heads and can't believe we get to do this. Jeff & Jenn's Breaking & Entering 2018 was awesome! Once again this year we came across a family that truly was in a bad spot. They weren't going to have much...
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Jeff and Jenn's Breaking and Entering

We teamed up with Ackerman Security to make one family's Christmas so special!
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Jeff's Petty Gift Request

The King of Awkward is at it again...
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Big Dave Update

Jeff's got an update on his half-brother Dave.
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WATCH: Jeff & Jenn Surprise Arcado Elementary School with $10,000!

Thursday, November 15th, Jeff and Jenn hopped in their cars, headed to Lilburn to surprise the #RecessForAll kids at Arcado Elementary School with a HUGE check from Delta Community Credit Union. A $10,000 check, to be exact! The group won Jeff & Jenn's Give Back Giveaway with Delta Community...
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Jeff's Awkward Encounter

Jeff dropped WHAT in a stroller?
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