Two Truths And A Lie

How well do you know Jenn & Friends?
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When is it okay to lie to your kids?

Group Therapy: Okay to Lie to My Kids?

Jenn is back from her Los Angeles Christmas vacation, and they had a great time! Well, until dinner rolled around. Jenn's brother and his family live the California diet lifestyle, and she wasn't sure if her kids would enjoy some of the food that they were going to be serving. One way that Jenn was...
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To Lie or Not To Lie?

Is it okay to lie on the first date?
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Elaborate Lies

Lies, lies, lies, that we've actually gotten away with!
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My Kind of Crazy

Have you ever just lied to your boss?
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Lies You 'Had' to Tell Your Kid Over Winter Break

"When the ice cream machine is playing music that means that they are sold out, honey".
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Lie Like A Guy: Round 2

Yesterday's game wasn't enough! We're back with more attempts at lying like a guy would.
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Lie Like A Guy

Guys have some pretty, uh, creative ways of lying. Can the women of the show lie like a guy?
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The Most EPIC Lie

Jeff caught a guy in the middle of a HUGE lie, and we're all astounded at how deep it goes.
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I Can't Believe I Believed Them When...

What did your ex get you to believe that was TOTALLY obvious and you just didn't catch on?
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