Couple's Quarantine Court: Mark The Gambler

Mark Owens is itching to take a boy's trip to the casino, but his wife thinks he's out of his mind.
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Group Therapy: Big Spenders

Do you need to tell your fiancé before dropping $1,500 on "retail therapy"? And by "retail therapy" we mean Taylor Swift merch.
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Group Therapy: Money or Love?

What should you do if the man you love can't give you the life you're used to? What if your parents think you're making a huge mistake?
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Are You in the Loop? Thursday, July 18

Everything you need to know, and probably a few things you don't!
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Happy Amazon Prime Day!

In honor of us spending all the money in our bank account, we played some Amazon Prime Day games!
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Jeff Got Scammed

A little old lady really scammed him out of some money.
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What the Florida

Checking in on our neighbors down south!
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Hypothetical Questions

Another round of what ifs!
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Frugal Friends

We all know someone who is frugal!
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Tooth Fairy Troubles

Jenn needs help handling a tooth fairy problem.
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