Jeff Oysters

Jeff Tries an Oyster for the First Time!

In case you missed it (which we are so not judging you for) Jeff brought a placenta pill in last week, mixed it in his water, and tried it. OMG, gross. Since he was able to eat placenta, Jenn figured she could make him try an oyster for the first time ever today. No seriously, he's never had an...
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Jeff Drinks Placenta

Jeff Brought in a Placenta Pill

We spoke with Todd earlier in the week, he’s expecting his first child! Todd wanted to know how placenta tastes because his wife wanted both of them to try it. A lot of people called in saying the hospital would encapsulate it for them. Well, Jeff was able to get his hands on some placenta pills...
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Pregnant Woman

Todd's Wife Wants Him to Do What?! He Gets Advice from Kim Zolciak!

UPDATE: Todd's getting advice on what to expect from our own Kim Zolciak! When Kim gave birth to her twin boys she made her hubby, Kroy Biermann, try her placenta. Say what?! Kroy even jumped on to tell us what he thought it would be like, what it was actually like, and why he did it. Care to know...
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