UPDATE: The Toilet Paper Tradition

Jenn is sick of it!
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UPDATE: Happy Valentime's Day!

No, it's not a typo!
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The Payless Prank

Payless pulled off an amazing prank on its customers!
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Confess Your Crush: Crystal and Thomas

"On October 3rd, he asked me what day it was"
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Aussie Accent Challenge

With special guest and amazing singer Dean Lewis!
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Jenn's Birthday Dilemma

"I think it would be weird watching Jeff give Jenn a message"!
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The Halloween Joke Dumpster Fire

Her parents thought the pregnancy was a joke and said a whole lot about her boyfriend...
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Jeannine On The Scene: Harry Styles Pranking

What happens when a HUGE fan tells her boyfriend that Harry invited her to be alone after the show?
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Haunted House

Revenge on Your Ex: It's a Haunted House!

What epic ways have you gotten revenge on your ex? This listener story blew us away! Taylor couldn’t wait to tell us her brother’s ingenious story of revenge. Taylor’s brother recently moved out of the house he shared with his now ex-girlfriend. But while he was still living there, he managed to...
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Mean Mom

Mean Moms Go Crazy!

A woman is calling herself the "world's meanest mom" for putting her daughter's truck on Craigslist because her daughter acted up too many times. Jeff and Jenn shared the mean things that their parents did to them, but one caller said his mom played a mean prank on him when he was only 4! To hear...
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