Group Therapy: Quitting Smoking with Hypnosis

Curtis is trying to kick cigarettes to the curb for good. Hypnosis helped Jenn quit 10 years ago, so now we'll see if it can work for Curtis too!
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Inspired by today's MKOC, we're asking people how would you epicly quit your job?
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Can You be Bullied as an Adult?

Bullying doesn't stop when you grow up.
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Mid-shift Quit

Have you ever quit your job mid-shift?
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Stressed Out

Bailing as An Adult

Have you ever been so stressed out, fed up, anxiety ridden, & over it that you just bailed? What was it that made you just dip out? Your job, your kids, your significant other? What. Was. IT???Jenn told us a story about a mom that went on a beach vacation by herself for five days and left her...
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Sexy Couple

Adult Breastfeeding Relationships: Is It Really a Thing?

We came across an article today that claimed a woman in Atlanta, Jennifer, quit her job to breastfeed her boyfriend, Brad...Wait, what?! This can't be true, right? Well, we did some digging and found the couple that went viral on social media this morning. Boyfriend Brad cleared the air and told us...
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You're Fired

This One Sentence Got Me Fired

We’ve all had that breaking point where we just want to say something smart back to our bosses. Well, these people have, including Assistant Producer Kelly who told her former boss, “I am not your punching bag”. And they all got fired for it. One Line and You're Fired Here are more calls...
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