Marriages and More Thrown Into Question When Priest Learns His Baptism Was Invalid

The validity of some marriages, baptisms and Catholic confessions are under question after a Dearborn, Michigan priest learned his own baptism was invalid.
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Group Therapy: Jesus Lite

She loves her new man, but does he love God enough for her? She called us up, saying we're the "Diet Jesus" station, and asked for our advice.
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We See You Trollin' 2.0: This Time, It's Personal

The game where we put on our hater hats and try to out-troll the trolls!
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Chocolate Bunnies

Kristin Met Her BF's Family for Easter! And She's Not Religious!

We talked to Kristin because she was nervous about meeting her boyfriend's family over Easter. His family is very religious, and she is Jewish but doesn't practice her religion regularly. And the kicker is that he didn't tell his family that Kristin isn't religious, so Kristin is even more nervous...
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