Mark's 5 Things To Do at Home

Find yourself relating to Mark and going crazy from the social distancing? Here's Mark's suggestions for how to stay sane!
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Curtis on the Corner: Social Media Pet Peeves

Curtis took to the streets to ask people their social media pet peeves!
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Social Media or No Social Media?

Do you know anyone who just isn't on social media?
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George Ezra Meet n Greet

PHOTOS: George Ezra Meet n Greet Pics!

Get your George Ezra meet n greet pics here!
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Comfort in Numbers: Kids Make The Best Excuse

When do you use your kids as an excuse to get out of things?
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After hearing a viral video from a bullying victim, the show discussed the issue of bullying and how we can all help stop it.
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Championship Jeopardy

JP brought a little bit of the party back to the show after Georgia's win this weekend.
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Can An Introvert Become An Extrovert?

Producer Jeannine is as introverted as they come, but is it even possible to change if she tried?
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