Zoo Python That Hasn't Been With a Male in 15 Years Lays Miracle Eggs

Staff at the Saint Louis Zoo still aren’t quite sure how it happened, but a female ball python had laid eggs – and she hasn’t been with a male python in more than 15 years. Learn about the more-than-50-year-old snake on RADIO.COM.
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Chimpanzee Born at Detroit Zoo Successfully Unites With Adoptive Mom

Detroit Zoological Society animal care staff hand-reared a male chimpanzee born in early January before they successfully transitioned his care to an adoptive chimpanzee mom.
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What Animal Are You?

Inspired by Harrison Ford having the PERFECT dog voice, we guessed what animal everyone would be the voice of!
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Are You in the Loop? Monday, March 11

Atlanta United's home opener turned into a draw. They didn't live up to everyone's expectations this weekend, but you can read a play-by-play of the game HERE . Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are engaged. Check out the massive ring HERE . R. Kelly cold open on SNL this weekend. Check out the...
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baby elephant

CUTENESS: Phoebe gives birth to baby elephant at Columbus Zoo

This is the cutest. In the wee chilly hour of 3am, Phoebe, resident elephant at the Columbus (OH) Zoo & Aquarium, gave birth to her calf, and the zoo's released some early footage of the baby standing up (already?) and cuddly/napping, too. Zoo patrons and the general public will have a chance...
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Gorilla Controversy: Was the Right Call Made?

A 4 year old kid climbed into a gorilla closure at a Cincinnati Zoo, and the gorilla, Harambe, got ahold of him and dragged him through the moat. As a result, zoo officials killed Harambe. This tragic situation has sparked so much controversy, people are upset because officials killed the gorilla,...
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